UNRA Probe: More Ghost Contractors Unearthed

UNRA Executive Director Allen Kagina facing COSASE members yesterdya (Photo by Nixon Segawa)

Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) has Wednesday presented before Parliament more contractors that have been illegally receiving payments from the Authority.

The list presented to the Committee of Commissions on Statutory Authorities and State Enterprises (COSASE) revealed that five other companies have been illegally receiving payments from the authority without doing any work.

This follows earlier revelations that UNRA had paid over Sh.22bn to a ghost company, click which prompted the committee to order for due diligence in all running contracts.

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The list comprising of five companies that were presented to legislators by the UNRA Executive Director Allen Kagina revealed that some Chinese Contractors that were awarded contracts were not the ones that have been receiving payment.

Shengi Engineering Construction (Group) Co. Ltd of Shengi Oilfield signed a contract for works on Kyenjojo-Kabwoya Road but UNRA has been paying Shengi Engineering Construction (Group) Company Uganda Limited.

The Authority signed a contract with China Harzone Industry Corp Ltd- China to work on bridges across the country but payments were being made to China Harzone Industry Corp (Uganda).

Another China Railway Seventh Group Company Ltd was awarded contract to carry out construction on Kamwenge Fort Portal Road but UNRA has been paying China Railway Seventh Group Company Uganda Ltd.

Even when High Court is making investigations to solve the mess at the famous Mukono-Katosi-Kyetume Road, mind the efforts seem to be far from over.

Chongqing International Construction Corporation was contracted to carry out works on Acholibur-Musingo Road but UNRA has been paying China Chongqing International Construction Corporation Uganda.

SBI International Holding AG which replaced Eutaw construction company for Katosi road it payments were rather made to SBI International Holding AG (Uganda).

When asked if the companies mentioned are the same, UNRA Legal Officer, Titus Kamya revealed that most of them had received powers of attorney from their parent companies.

This was opposed by COSASE Vice chairperson Anita Among, that reminding him that in earlier investigations it was revealed that the powers of attorney were forged.



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