Underfunded National Drug Authority Threatens to Cut Supply

General Manager NMS Moses Kamabare

National Medical Stores (NMS) have threatened to stop supply of drugs to lower government health facilities in the next financial year, diagnosis if government does not provide them Shs Sh41billion as requested for this.

The General Manager NMS Moses Kamabare revealed his frustration to the Parliamentary Health committee implicating the Ministry of Finance for failing to provide funds for procurement of drugs to be distributed to the lower level health facilities.

Kamabare said that after submitting the institution’s budget of Sh237bn to the Ministry of Finance, buy information pills he was advised to have it reduced by Sh41bn and work within the availed funds in the next financial year.

“The Minister of Finance has advised to fit the needs of the Sh41bn within in the next financial years’ budget. If I must fit the needs then some facilities have to suffer, website like this ” Kamabare said.

“I was telling legislators before the committee that if I must remove the 41bn from my budget that means that medicine for Health centers 2, 3 and 4s in the whole country plus half of the Mama Kits will not be provided.”

Kamabare said that NMS has been operating on a shortfall of 68bn of which the Ministry of Finance promised to pay before the end of the current financial year but hasn’t.

“This financial year we had a financial gap of Sh68bn, the Ministry of Finance had committed to give us that amount over and above our budget this financial year but it wasn’t given to us up to the end of the financial year.”

Kamabare noted that NMS isn’t ready to operate in debt in the coming financial year.

“We do not want as National Medical Stores to again get into a crisis; if the money must be provided, let it be provided at the beginning of the financial year other than asking me within what is available and we then get into a similar crisis.”


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