UNBS Recalls 2 Substandard Salt Brands

Sansat was found to be insoluble

Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) have seized hundreds of cartons of salt which they said was found to be substandard.

The bureau revealed this morning that 578 cartons of Malindi Salt and 219 cartons of Sunsat table salt were recovered from Gulu market and Kampala.

The action followed a complaint raised on the floor of Parliament by Kilak Constituency MP Hon Gilbert Olanya about the quality of two salt brands Bahari and Sunsat.

After raising the concern on April 20th, visit web Trade and Industry Minister Hon Amelia Kyambadde directed UNBS to test the salt brands, pharmacy which took samples from Bahari, Sunsat and three others and tested them.

In a statement released today, the Bureau revealed that after testing Habari, Bahari, Chiluma, Sunsat, Malindi; it was concluded that the Sunsat and Malindi Salt brands did not dissolve completely in water as the other salt brands.

The two brands Malindi and Sunsa also failed to meet the required labeling standards which require that all ingredients must indicated on the package.

UNBS revealed that all the seized consignment of the salt will be destroyed and that all the salt batches will be recalled from the Uganda market with immediate effect.

Such substandard salt UNBS said may contain insoluble material which could be sand, stones, heavy metals and which are dangerous especially to the appendix.


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