UNATU Urges Teachers to Join Farming

School teachers around the country have been advised to find other ways of complementing their monthly salaries, viagra approved including investing more time in agriculture.

The teachers were called upon as the New Year kicks in, to involve more in farming, not only to enhance their incomes but also to guard themselves against famine.

The call was made today by the Secretary General of the Uganda National Teachers’ Union James Tweheyo, who warned that  with the changing climatic conditions in the country, teachers and all Ugandans must always be prepared for calamity.

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While addressing press in Mbarara, Mr Tweheyo advised the teachers especially in rural areas to always find time off their school schedule to set up small gardens where they can harvest food.

“If you don’t have food it means that when hunger strikes, all your earnings will go to buying food which may lead to a crisis,” he said.

Tweheyo revealed at the press conference that in the ending year, UNATU lost up to 600 members, many of who died of natural deaths while others perished in accidents among other causes.

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