UNATU Gives Gov’t 90 Days Ultimatum On SACCO Funds

UNATU Secretary General James Tweheyo

Teachers under the Uganda National Teachers’ Union (UNATU) have once again threatened to stage an industrial action in case government and the Microfinance Support Centre (MFSC) continue to withhold their SACCO funds.

UNATU General Secretary, medicine James Tweheyo told the media at UNATU headquarters in Kampala that it is now four years since President Museveni promised Sh25billion to support the teachers’ SACCO but hasn’t been effected.

“We want to reiterate our earlier position that money came and went to Microfinance Support Centre (MFSC) with the support of Hon. Jessica Alupo and is now being held by a one JB Mujuni and Madam Bagenda, ” Tweheyo said.

He put the Government to notice that if the money is not released by the responsible centers, the union shall not hesitate to tell the beneficiaries to take action.

Tweheyo noted that the problem arose when the Ministry of Education decided to channel the money to teachers through the Microfinance Support Centre, a decision that the teachers objected.

“As UNATU we want to draw your attention to the fact that the Uganda Teachers’ SACCOAS Union has only received Sh5.8bn despite the agreement made with Government that the teachers manage their funds,” Tweheyo said.

The UNATU boss remarked that the acquired funds have so far been disbursed to 36 teachers’ SACCO and a total of 2,834 individual teachers have been served with loans.

“Despite writing several documents and a directive from the President, Microfinance Support Centre has deliberately refused to release the Sh9.8bn funds under their control which leaves us wondering why MFSC headed by JB Mujuni continues to deliberately take advantage of teachers,” Tweheyo wondered.

“We have signed a lot of fresh agreements with MFSC with the effect of returning the money to teachers’ SACCO; some of these people think they are bigger that their chairs, Mr. Mujuni and Madam Bagenda think they are more intelligent than President Museveni who directed the money to be managed by the teachers themselves.”

“There is no other enforcing mechanism apart from the population raising up and holding the bull by the horns, and that’s why I say within the next 90 days, all the Sh9.7bn this time within 90days, short of that you will see what will happen next,” Tweheyo observed.


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