South Sudan

UN Peace Keepers Killed in Juba

Six other Chinese peace keepers were severely injured in the attack.

Two United Nations Peace Keepers have been killed in the current devastating wave of violence in the South Sudan capital juba between the two army factions.

On Sunday a Chinese UN peace keeper died instantly when their armoured vehicle on a routine patrol exercise around the world body’s base in the capital was hit by a heavy shell at 6:39pm.

Sources at the UN base told ChimpReports that six other Chinese peace keepers were severely injured in the attack.

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The Chinese ministry of Defense confirmed the development on Sunday night in a statement issued and made available on government affiliated publications.

“The Chinese army is deeply shocked and strongly condemn the attack, what is ed ” part of the statement from the Defense ministry seen by ChimpReports said.

The same statement also sent out condolence to the family of the slain soldier that was however not named.

“We are deeply saddened by the loss of a life. We offer our condolences and sincere consolations to the families of the dead and injured.”

This website learnt from sources that one of 6 seriously injured soldiers died on Monday morning.

“The second Chinese peace keeper unfortunately succumbed to injuries this morning. The attack on their car yesterday was so serious, ” a source at the UN base told this reporter.

China sent a full battalion of 800 troops to South Sudan early this year under the UN Mission in the troubled nation. The Chinese battalion joins approximately 19, 000 other troops in the nascent United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS).  It focused primarily on policing and protecting vulnerable civilians caught in the war.

The UNMISS camp is housing hundreds of civilians who fled from their homes to escape the brutal nature of the internal conflict characterized by burning humans to death, rape, forceful conscription
and other severe cruelties.

On Sunday heavy ground weaponry including shells from Rocket Propelled Grenades, artilleries and mortars overwhelmed the UN compound.

ChimpReports reported on Sunday that 53 civilians were killed in the attack. China has a great interest in the South Sudan oil and the imports from the troubled African nation accounts for her 5 percent of the 200m tons imports annually.

83 percent of South Sudan’s oil export destined for China through a number of companies including China National Petroleum Company (CNPC) and others.


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