Uganda’s ‘Hello’ Tabloid Suspended

Hello newspaper will be out of circulation starting this week

The Pepper Publications is suspending printing of the notorious Hello Tabloid, illness Chimp Corps report.

The Publishers of Red Pepper will further halt more production of Emulalu and Akapapula papers which targeted Eastern Region readers and sports fans respectively.

Officials told ChimpReports that the decision to bring to a standstill the production of the three subsidiary tabloids was reached by top management during a meeting on Wednesday afternoon.

Hello was created to deal with Vision Group’s The Sun in a cut-throat competition that shook the print industry a couple of years ago.

But Hello fell short of making significant inroads in the cluttered market as the cost of newsprint soared.

Hello was equally affected by poor sales and tasteless content.

Complaints about the defamatory content in Hello tremendously increased in the last two years, viagra attracting suits against The Pepper Publications.

Hello’s stories also hurt advertisers who in return pulled their business from the entire publishing group.

“We are rethinking their content strategy,” said an official at Red Pepper who preferred anonymity so as to speak freely.

Asked if the publication was a victim of the troubled economy that has hurt people’s disposable incomes, the official responded: “I think its content. They break even but can’t seem to attract adverts.”

He added: “Just like we rethought Red Pepper content for the sake of adverts.”

A source at Red Pepper said “there are certain clients who cannot give adverts to Hello or Red Pepper because of a Hello story.”

The development comes at a time when print media sales are taking a nosedive.

Several papers including New Vision, Bukedde, Daily Monitor and Red Pepper have lost a huge chunk of sales in the last two years – shaking their financial base.

Red Pepper has continued to lose staff who have since opted to look for greener pastures away, underscoring the company’s huge financial challenges.

The Pepper Publication’s Runyakitara newspaper, Entatsi will cease being a bi-weekly product.

Management yesterday resolved to print the paper once a week.

The Pepper Publications also own Juice Radio station and was planning to unveil  television station.


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