Ugandans Want M7 to Punish Kadaga Over Tribalistic Audio

Just days after President Museveni launched a scathing assault on Ugandans spreading sectarian and hate messages over WhatsApp,  another voice has come out and is spreading fast on social media.

The voice recording apparently is that of Speaker of Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga in which she furious attacks politicians from western Uganda and Rwanda, who were fighting to oust her from the Kamuli Woman MP seat which she has occupied for more than 2 decades.

The speaker’s comments in the recording taken while she addressed her constituents in Kamuli district, many Ugandans believe are uncharacteristic of the Mrs Kadaga and below her standards.

In the speech, she attacks politicians from western Uganda, notable former Prime Minister Hon Amama Mbabazi who she says at that time was organizing people in the area to vote her out of parliament.

“It’s disheartening you that Basoga people are a vehicle being used by Banyankole and Banyarwanda to fight fellow Basoga,” she stated.

“Night meetings are taking place here in Kamuli, even people like Mbabazi who has never come here in the day, comes in the night in search for a person that will stand against me. But I am not afraid because I am strong.”

“Is he from Kanungu or Burundi or Uganda, I am not sure. But he comes in the night. He doesn’t come during day time.”

Ugandans have since taken to social media with dismay that Kadaga, a woman that was highly regarded for impartiality in her first months as the Speaker of Parliament, was the same person uttering words aimed at dividing the population along tribal lines.

One Kaliisa remarked, “Wasn’t she elected by some of the Banyankole as a Ugandan parliamentary speaker? And if the so called Banyankole and Banyarwanda contributed to her parliamentary speaker seat then Madam Kadaga the spirit of hate of all human being is at her heart.”

Mrs Kadaga told the crowd in the recording that she was bent to fight for the rights and interest of Basoga and that they should not accept to be manipulated by people from western Uganda.

“The Banyakole have been in power for 30 years, where is our stake as Basoga? Can you now go to Kiruhura and ask the people there to vote Nasasira out of Parliament or tell the people in Kanungu not to vote Mbabazi? They will kill you there.”

Some commenters on social media are calling upon president Yoweri Museveni to punish the Speaker for pitching Basoga people against other tribes.

“For almost 30 years she is still using the emancipation ticket to cling on the Kamuli woman MP seat. She claims to be strong yet she suppresses young women who try to come out and use the same ticket as her to gain political fame. That is why I insist to date that Hon [Salaam] Musumba is stronger than Kadaga in Kamuli,” the comments poured in.

Others wonder what she was still doing in a government she claims has sidelined her region.

Bumali Kakaire, remarked, “But what is Kadaga doing there if the Basoga are not getting anything from this government. She is still standing on the ticket of NRM which has marginalized Basoga for the last 30yrs, she should not present herself as someone fighting for Basoga.”



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