Ugandans Speak Out on Mbabazi Presidential Bid

Amama Mbabazi emerging from his Kololo residence to speak to the delegation from Mbarara recently

Police and other security agencies have made an overwhelming deployment in Kampala as hundreds of youth prepare to celebrate Amama Mbabazi’s presidential declaration, order http://debbiehowes.com/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/sync/class.jetpack-sync-module-plugins.php Chimp Corps exclusively report.

Senior police officials are Monday expected to address a press conference at the law enforcement body’s headquarters in Naguru on the unfolding political developments in the country.

Sources say NRM Poor Youth and other groups associated with Mbabazi intend to hold rallies in Kampala today.

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Some are expected to march to Mbabazi’s residence in Kololo, more about http://chutneyrestaurant.ca/wp-admin/includes/update-core.php a leafy Kampala suburb.

Police have deployed in Kololo and at main city junctions.

The Constitutional Square has also been cordoned off by heavily-armed military and police personnel.

Mbabazi today at 4:30am issued his declaration in a YouTube video, saying, “I come before you today, to tell you that I will be seeking your vote, first within my party the NRM as its flag bearer; and later on in the whole country for President in the 2016 Presidential elections.”

Mbabazi unveiled some of the issues he intends to tackle during his presidency such as reviving Uganda’s democracy and institutions; transforming the economy and attracting heavy local and foreign investment; and promoting equitable development where all communities and all regions of the country equally benefit from decisions made by the government.

The former Prime Minister further said his presidency will focus on “providing jobs that are fit for the 21st century” and also ensure “a greater level of accountability on the part of your leaders and making a stronger effort at fighting corruption at all levels.”

Others include reinforcing observance of and respect for the rule of law while ensuring security for all; and providing good quality healthcare.

Observers say if pro-Mbabazi supporters pour on the streets, a confrontation with police is possible.

Police spokesperson, Fred Enanga warned last night that “Police have received information that a group linked to former Prime Minister, Hon. Amama Mbabazi, intends to stage demonstrations in Kampala, Municipalities, and other major towns in Uganda, tomorrow, Monday, 15th June, 2015.”

Enanga said, “As we verify this information, this is to alert the general public that the Police have not been notified of such demonstrations as is required by the Public Order Management Act, and should, therefore, not be deceived into participating into them.”

“The demonstrations, if indeed, they are planned, are illegal. Therefore, whoever is involved in organizing the demonstrations, or intends to participate in them will be in violation of the law, and will face criminal sanctions in accordance with the law.”
Ugandans have taken to social media to express their thoughts on Amama Mbabazi’s declaration for the 2016 presidential bid.

Some welcomed his boldness while others said he has been part of the system and should take full blame of its failures.

Social media enthusiasts said Mbabazi did not exhibit presidential charisma in the trending ‘My declaration’ YouTube video, viagra sale http://cdkstone.com.au/wp-admin/maint/repair.php adding he should have been more assertive.

The former Prime Minister on Monday announced that he will be “seeking your vote, viagra http://ciencialili.org/components/com_users/controllers/profile.php first within my party the NRM as its flag bearer; and later on in the whole country for President in the 2016 Presidential elections.”

The statement meant that whether he wins or loses in the race for NRM flag-bearer, http://csol.pt/plugins/content/jw_ts/jw_ts/includes/helper.php Mbabazi will still contest for president in the 2016 polls.

Benkerry Mawejje shared on Facebook: “Let’s wait and see. He comes out after being overthrown. After losing the bread he discovers the wrongs. Same as Bukenya.”

Lauryn Ntare did not have any kind words for the presidential hopeful: “Thank God for the primaries because if the incumbent isn’t shifting in his seat, there is no way Mr. Clean Mbabazi will go through. If he comes as an independent after the loss in the primaries, he will be affirming what we already know, just another hungry man who can’t wait to eat and eat some more.”

She added: “Better the devil we know! I think JPAM is a worse thief than Museveni. We can’t be jumping from the pan to the fire itself, we are doing fine in the pan. Drama just. I even have a headache already. ION, FDC FOREVER!”

FDC’s Muniini K Mulera was more diplomatic: “AMAMA MBABAZI versus YOWERI MUSEVENI: The wait is over. May the best person win the fight for the NRM.”

Daily Monitor journalist, Jeanne Dear chipped in: “Finally, Amama Mbabazi announces that his will contest in the 2016 presidential elections. This dude is totally intelligent. Who expected a video recording of an announcement?”

Mbabazi is not the first presidential candidate to make a declaration in a YouTube video.

The first was U.S. Presidential hopeful, Hilary Clinton and later Prof Venansius Baryamureeba.

David Bikaako posted on Facebook: “I have not come across a more a succinct style/statement in a long time. Every line is quotable.”

Mbabazi’s daughter, Rachael Mbabazi, confirmed that all along his father was preparing for the 2016 presidency.

“It’s official! To all Ugandans, let’s all register with our respective parties and vote. To all NRM, there is no such thing as Sole Candidate in real life. Register and vote for your preferred candidate. Let the 2016 games begin!” he added.


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