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Ugandans Named in Anti-Museveni American Comedy Show

Trevor Noah hosts The Daily Show

The Electoral Commission has denied claims made by Dr Kizza Besigye that the institution deleted 20, thumb http://chopcult.com/wp-content/plugins/downloads/images/secure.php 000 ghost names from the voters’ register, http://cotro.com/wp-content/plugins/fusion-builder/inc/options/dynamic_css_js.php saying it only corrected a “small statistical error.”

Besigye told press at his residence in Kasangati on Tuesday that on February 8, http://chamberhealthcoop.com/wp-admin/includes/network.php vigilant Ugandans spotted ghost voters on the register.

“After initial denials by the EC spokespersons, they apologised for this error. They said that they will delete the names. We demand that they give us their names and Polling Stations of these ghost voters,” said Besigye.

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The FDC presidential candidate said the names were deleted after handing his colleagues copies of the revised register.

Speaking to ChimpReports today morning, EC spokesperson Jotham Taremwa said “the register we handed to presidential candidates did not have this statistical error.”

In the last few years, EC embarked on the process of compiling, updating and displaying the National Voters Register.

Taremwa said after the display, a total of 20,000 names were “legally removed from the register.”

He said after the clean up, the total number of registered voters for the 2016 general elections stood at 15,277,198.

The soft and copies of a clean register, according to Taremwa, were issued to the Presidential Candidates.

However, reports later emerged, showing the existence of 20,000 ghost voters on the register on account of a total figure of voters registered at 15,297,197 which had been displayed on the EC website.

Taremwa said the figure of 15,297,197 was the total number of registered voters prior to the display/cleaning up of the register.

“After the display of the register between July 22 – 11 August 2015, at every polling station which was followed by a period of natural justice, records of individuals who were identified for removal were compiled and after the clean up, the total number of registered voters came to 15, 277, 198,” said Taremwa.

“Therefore, the total of 15, 297, 198 voters as reflected on our website a few days ago but has since been corrected was inclusive.”


Regarding EC’s banning of cell phones inside polling stations, Besigye today said such a move deprives voters an opportunity to capture and share important events.

He said voters should record and promptly share the results and what happens at the polling stations.

EC Chairman Eng Badru Kiggundu said mobile phones are allowed outside the polling stations but not inside to facilitate the secret ballot process.

Besigye also hinted on independent tally centres which he said should be allowed to operate.

Kiggundu said “as long as they are not going to use these centres to announce results of elections or declare winners. It is the mandate of the Electoral Commission to tally, announce results and declare the winners. Should anyone violate this, the law will take its course.”

Kiggundu said he had already directed the Uganda Communications Commission to “put off air any media house that refuses to comply with this requirement.”
The Forum for Democratic Change party have raised the red flag over their presidential candidate in last week’s elections, case http://csnn.ca/wp-content/plugins/contact-form-7/includes/integration.php who they claim police is holding in an undisclosed location with malicious intentions.

Dr Besigye was allegedly arrested this morning as has been the case through the week, recipe but according to the opposition party’s chief mobilizer Mrs Ingrid Turinawe, viagra he is not being held at the usual Naggalama Police station.

Besigye is being curtailed by police from accessing the city center, where they believe he intends to cause unrest, following his loss in the just ended elections.

Turinawe revealed in a statement this afternoon that a number of police stations had been reached by the party officials with no trace of Dr Besigye.

“The regime’s determination to kill Dr. Besigye grows every day,” companied Turinawe in a short statement.  “The humiliation and torture inflicted on to him is reaching a level that will tempt some of us to respond in defense of our leader.”

Turinawe says Besigye was arrested again on Thursday morning and driven away by police to a place they were yet to locate.

“All efforts to have his lawyers and family members access him have failed. All police stations in Kampala and nearby have been visited in trace of him but he is not in any of them,” she said.

“His maids at home have camped at Naggalama police station with hope to give him meals but he is not there.”

Police when reached on this matter, reassured that wherever Besigye is being held cannot be in harm’s way.

The police spokesperson Fred Enanga who was not aware about Besigye’s arrest and whereabouts said police would have no intention of harming him.

“Have you ever heard of police kidnapping someone?” he queried before referring us to Andrew Felix Kaweesi who he said was heading the operation; who was still unreachable.

The Inspector General of Police Gen Kale Kayihura in a statement he issued last night said police would not be freeing Col Beisgye any time soon since he had not retracted his statements of defiance and incitement to violence.

“Police shall continue to regulate and closely monitor his movements so that he does not pose danger to public peace and national security,” said the IGP.

“Moreover, we have information that his planned procession is not just a procession, but rather beginning of a planned and generalized campaign of violence in the City and select municipalities across the country.  Clearly, this is supported by the public utterances of Rtd Col Dr. Kiiza Besigye.”
Former Prime Minister and Go Forward presidential candidate Amama Mbabazi has said police arresting FDC’s Kizza Besigye was meant to intimidate opposition supporters.

The opposition strongman was on Monday morning arrested near Jinja road junction where together with his supporters were in a procession enroute to Nasser road and other areas in the city center where they were supposed to hold campaign rallies.

Addressing journalists at his home on Tuesday morning, recipe http://clubcycloautun.fr/wp-includes/ms-default-constants.php Mbabazi said it was illegal and unacceptable for police to arrest a presidential candidate who was on his campaign trail.

“Why was he stopped yet he was supposed to hold rallies? Why stop him plus his supporters? This was only meant to intimidate people especially the opposition supporters from participating in elections, ” Mbabazi said.

“They want to create a situation that will force our supporters not to participate in the polls but people should resist it.”

Police said Besigye refused to comply with orders to stop leading a huge procession in the busy Central Business District.

The law enforcement body said such processions disrupt traffic flow and business in the city.

Meanwhile, Mbabazi warned against the heavy police and military deployment around the city which he said was uncalled for at this time.

He noted that the military are allowed by law to play a supportive role to police but only when the situation has escalated.

On the directive by the Electoral Commission not to allow phones and cameras at polling centres, Mbabazi urged his supporters to defy  the order and come with the gadgets  that they should use to record what is taking place during polling day.

“Supporters should not be 100 metres away from the polling stations as indicated by the Electoral Commission but rather 25m away and should record what is not going on well. Why would they ask us to stay far away if they are not hiding anything?” Mbabazi questioned.

EC chairman Badru Kiggundu said phones can be used outside the polling stations but not inside to facilitate privacy during the secret ballot voting exercise.
Government has commenced investigations into what an official described as a “damaging” television show in which President Museveni was ridiculed by a U.S. comedian on the powerful Comedy Central.

Trevor Noah, approved http://civilianpeaceservice.ca/wp-admin/includes/class-theme-installer-skin.php the host of American Daily Show, sickness described Museveni as a “dictator” being politically challenged by his former physician Dr Kizza Besigye.

In the show, discount Noah uses humour to portray Museveni as politically vulnerable considering Besigye knows all his health secrets.

Noah makes some claims about Museveni’s sexual parts.

He further draws comparisons between Museveni and Donald Trump with interviewees saying they prefer the extremist U.S. presidential candidate to the Ugandan leader.

Noah went on to say the Ugandan motto is ‘it’s worse here’.

ChimpReports understands that government suspects Joseph Opio; a former sports journalist with the New Vision and Urban TV as one of the architects of the show.

Opio reportedly branched into comedy full time after quitting Vision Group.

“Opio is now working as backroom staff for Trevor Noah at the American Daily Show,” said a source.

“Opio worked closely with David Kibuuka in the production stages. Noah is green about Uganda’s internal politics.”

The Daily Show was temporarily put on hold following the retirement of the popular John Stewart.

The latest development comes against the background of a sustained negative international media campaign against President Museveni in the wake of the contested presidential election results.

Sources show government fears the bad publicity could dent its image thus scaring away potential foreign investors and tourist.

Just recently, international journalists were recorded hurling insults at a police commander at Dr Kizza Besigye’s residence in Kasangati, Wakiso District.

UCC recently shut down social media platforms Facebook and Twitter on grounds that they could be used to instigate violence during the elections, attracting heavy criticism from activists and U.S. government.


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