Ugandans Laud MTN Mobile Money for Reliability

Steven Nsubuga, the MTN Mobile Money Segment Manager hosted the conversation

Multitudes of Ugandans have Friday expressed their gratitude to MTN Uganda’s mobile money platform for its reliability, no rx security and convenience in service delivery.

In a social media engagement under the harshtag #StayOn, information pills hosted by Steven Nsubuga, the Mobile Money Segment Manager, Ugandans got an opportunity to ask questions regarding the mobile money service while a host of them complimented Uganda’s leading telecom provider for the service.

MTN Mobile Money was launched in Uganda seven years ago and has since grown from a service that facilitated sending and receiving money on people’s phones to an indispensable component of today’s society.

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Currently, the platform has become the solution you turn to when you urgently need to respond to emergencies, access or lack of which could literally determine whether you sleep at home or in jail, have electricity at home or be in the dark.

Majority of Ugandans on twitter Friday lauded the service for reducing risks by revolutionizing the financial and banking system.

“Reduced bank visits, no need for ATM cards, from the bank to the landlord via the phone. I will #StayOn,” wrote one of the grateful customers.

Another a customer posted that “Don’t allow to get disconnected, be it Yaka, water, PayTV, yo TalkTime Bill and more. Just #StayOn with the stable mobile money”

Among other queries from customers were; new upcoming innovations and developments that the service has in the pipeline. Asked about whether MTN would partner with the recently introduced taxicab service “Uber”, Nsubuga said that “We have a stable platform and are ready to work with several partners. We are more than ready to partner with Uber.”

MTN Mobile Money according to officials now facilitates more than 40 million transactions monthly, making over 50,000 transactions per hour, and is available through over 50,000 agents countrywide.


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