Ugandans Jailed in Mauritius Return Home

All the five will be joining inmates at Luzira Prison by the end of June

Former Prime Minister and presidential hopeful, discount Amama Mbabazi, viagra approved has said his campaign for presidency will proceed as planned and vowed to resist intimidation by the state.

In an exclusive interview with Chimp Corp Kenneth Kazibwe outside the former NRM Secretary General’s residence in Kololo on Monday, stomach Mbabazi said he fully understands the operations of the state thus ruling out succumbing to threats.

“Aren’t you worried of the state unleashing its machinery to frustrate your presidential bid?” Kazibwe asked Mbabazi today morning.

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Mbabazi, who was rushing to an undisclosed venue for what his aides described as an “important meeting,” responded in Luganda: “‘Munange nga maze ebbanga mu bintu bino’ literally translated as, ‘My friend, I have been in this system long enough.’”

On contesting for president in 2016, Mbabazi stressed: “You have been always asking when I will declare and I have already issued a statement.”

Regarding reports that his presidential campaign posters are being pulled down and his supporters jailed, Mbabazi said he is not aware of the development but that “I will find out.”

Mbabazi also unveiled his website on which he made what is seen as the first scathing attack on President Museveni’s government.

“I believe that Ugandans have the right to expect certain things: a real democracy and not one in name only, where institutions work and where their autonomy matters; government by reason and rule of law and not government by the whims of individuals,” said Mbabazi.

Mbabazi was accompanied by his wife Jacqueline Mbabazi as they left their residence on Monday morning

Mbabazi was accompanied by his wife Jacqueline Mbabazi as they left their residence on Monday morning

“I believe that Ugandans are right when they demand that their leaders prioritise and spend taxpayers money on their essential needs (like job creation, resuscitating our declining healthcare system) and on the things that drive Uganda’s economy (like agriculture); leaders who understand that more than how many schools we have, it is the quality of our education that matters,” he added:

“I believe that from these same leaders, Ugandans ought to see accountability, and a visible effort in stamping out vice and corruption in government; to see equitable development across all communities and, of course, to be sure of their national security.”

Presidency Minister Frank Tumwebaze questioned Mbabazi’s ability to make any tangible contributions to Uganda’s transformation.

“We are yet to see the new miracles and ideas that he is bringing on board  which he never dispensed when he was part of government moreover not as a small actor,”  said Tumwebaze.

Mbabazi served in top government positions as Prime Minister, Minister of Defence and NRM Secretary General.

“What is new with the 8 points I have seen him talk about?” wondered Tumwebaze.

“He knows well what NRM has accomplished on each of those. We shall however asses him more as a person vying to hold our party’s flag.  But one thing to note is that leadership does not start when one declares to be president.”

Mbabazi said the next ten, twenty years are crucial to Uganda’s evolution.

“We all know that every step we take as a country must be a step that favours the prospect of Uganda taking its place amongst the great nations of this world. Whatever choice we make as a country in 2016 comes down to something as simple and as urgent as this: we can go forward or we can go back,” the former premier concluded.
Five Ugandans, cost who have been serving prison sentences in the Republic of Mauritius, have been returned to serve their sentences in Uganda Chimpreports has learnt.

Three of these were sentenced to 25 years in jail, one a 19 year jail term while the other was serving life in prison.

Ministry of Justice and Constitutional and other state agencies in May and June 2015 successfully negotiated and facilitated the transfer of Ugandan prisoners serving sentences in the island nation on the Indian Ocean.

The prisoners were transferred to Uganda to serve the remaining part of their sentences in accordance with the bilateral agreement between Uganda and the Mauritius government on transfer of convicted offenders.

According to Mr. Farouq Lubega, a Senior State Attorney in the Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs privy to this extradition process, the transfer of these prisoners was triggered by a petition from their relatives to Hon. Kahinda Otafiire, the Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs.

The prisoners in question are Miriam Mpopoya (sentenced to 25 years in 2008 on charges of importation of heroin and assault of a public functionary); Mr. Fred Asiimwe Kato (sentenced to penal servitude for life in 1998); Mr. James Mukasa Kanamwanje (sentenced to 25 years in 1998 for importation of heroin); Mr. Francis Igudo Tukei (sentenced for 19 years in 2008 for importation of heroin); and Ms. Ann Willus Kayiwa (sentenced for 25 years in 2008 for importation of heroin with averment of trafficking).

The Transfer of Convicted Offenders Act (2012) provided the legal basis for this transfer. This act assented to by the president on July 27 2012 makes provision for the mutual transfer of convicted offenders between Uganda and other Commonwealth countries for the purpose of serving their sentences of imprisonment. The act also provides for the conditions, treatment and other arrangements in respect of persons liable to be transferred.

A team of government of Uganda officials that included Mr. Farouq Lubega [Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affiars]; Ms. Doreen Kazoora Asiimwe (Foreign Affairs); Mr. Edyadu Fauscents and Mr. Abio Rock Evans (Prisons Service) travelled to Mauritius in April 2015 to facilitate this transfer.

The first group of prisoners arrived in Uganda via Entebbe International Airport on May 2 2015 and was taken to Luzira Prison to serve the remaining part of their sentences. The second group of (two) prisoners is expected to be transferred by the end of June 2015.




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