South Sudan

Ugandans Cry Out: We’re Trapped in South Sudan War

Deputy CDF, Lt Gen Charles Angina in Juba last year to monitor progress of UPDF soldiers in stabilising the war-torn country

Uncertainty as Ugandans are Trapped in South Sudan
Following the fresh fighting that erupted between forces loyal to President Salva Kiir and his Deputy Dr.Riek Machar, viagra 40mg Ugandans are uncertain of what will happen next if the fighting intensifies, health Chimpreports has learnt.
According to Daniel Sanson, ambulance who works for the United Nations, fighting has been ongoing since last week in the northern state of Bahrel Gazel where forces loyal to Kiir have been battling their Machar’s loyalists.
“I am at Wau UN Base but fighting has for now stopped after having our share last week. We are not sure of what will happen the next day,”Sanson told this website in a telephone interview.
“Many people are trapped this way as they cannot move either by road. All roads are occupied by militants and it is risky moving a step.”
According to Sanson, a Ugandan national, the security situation in the area is so tense that trying to move would be a recipe for disaster adding that they are not certain of what would happen next.
Asked whether it is possible to access any other means of transport in a bid to be able to flee the highly volatile youngest African nation, the UN employee said that flights to and from South Sudan had been canceled for security reasons.
Chimpreports understands that major airlines including Kenya Airways and Rwanda Air that have daily flights have announced cancellation of their services.
“We wish to advise our guests that we have suspended flights to Juba, South Sudan due to the uncertain security situation,” read part of the statement by Kenya Airways.
According to Rwanda Air , the prevailing situation could not allow for their flights to continue adding ,”we will closely monitor the situation and keep you updated of our flights to and from Juba.”
Another Uganda , Peter Mbabali who stays in Juba told this website that they are not sure of their fate adding that gunfire increases each day that passes by.
“The fighting has been much in Jebel and Munuki where gunfire is the order of the day but we have not seen any Ugandan killed or injured but we are not certain of what will happen next,” said Mbabali who lives at the residence of a South Sudanese.
“We no longer move out but stay indoors .Many Ugandans are still trapped in Tongpiny and are not sure of what will happen next.”
He however said most of them are waiting for Monday to see if they would be able to organize and leave the highly volatile East Africa’s youngest nation.
Uganda’s top military brass has for the last 48 hours been discussing the security crisis in South Sudan.
Deployment of armed personnel at border with South Sudan was completed today evening.


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