Ugandan Soldier Reportedly Killed In Fresh Al Shabaab Bombing

A Burundian soldier, part of the African Union Mission in Somalia, mans a large caliber gun at a military base in El Baraf, Somalia

10 United Nations escort officers and a Ugandan soldier were reportedly killed and several others injured in Tuesday’s Al Shabaab attack in Somalia.

The bombings have sent shockwaves across the nation and painted a picture of a country yet to realise sustainable peace.

The peace enforcement and stabilization force, pharmacy AMISOM on Tuesday confirmed the bombings but did not provide details on casualties.

“AMISOM confirms that there have been two bomb explosions at checkpoints near entrances to its base at Halane this morning, ” the force said in brief statement.

Highly placed defence officials said Al Shabaab could have been retaliating for the last week’s AMISOM attack on its checkpoints at Buur Koy, Lower Juba in which three terrorists were killed.

“Offended by the Koy offensive, the Al Shabaab the next day launched an attack on AMISOM base at Albao only to meet stiff resistance. They didn’t go beyond our last ring of defence,” said a military source.

“This could have been a follow-up offensive to disorganize our forces,” the source added.

The attacked site remains key in the country’s specialized operations against Al Shabaab.

Halane is home to U.S. Central Intelligence Agency’s counterterrorism training program for Somali intelligence agents and operatives aimed at building an indigenous strike force.

It also serves as a strategic training base for the Somalia army.

Three planes used for training were damaged in today’s attack.

Amisom condemned “these senseless attacks that aim to disrupt and cripple the lives of ordinary Somalis,” adding, “These attacks must be stopped.”


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