Ugandan Children Impress at MTN Juniors Robotics Camp

Over the last three days, website like this website children from 10 schools in Kampala were able to create various exciting and innovative robotics projects in the fields of programming, mechanics and electronics at a juniors robotics camp.

MTN Uganda organized the camp in partnership with FundiBots, a Ugandan based organization that focuses on robotics training in schools aiming to change that mind-set.

The camp aimed at equipping juniors aged between 9-12 years with skills that can enable them solve real-world problems through digital design.

The telecommunication revealed that while the MTN Juniors’ Robotics Camp’ was intended to be just introductory, covering the basics of robotics under three aspects, Electronics, Programming and Mechanics, participating children were able develop functional projects despite the very limited time available.

Mwesigwa Keith tussles it out with his partner to create a robot at the MTN Juniors Robotic camp

Mwesigwa Keith tussles it out with his partner to create a robot at the MTN Juniors Robotic camp

“What surprised me most is that even though we had limited time, pupils were able to create more than we taught,” said FundiBots’ Solomon King Benge, who was also the camp’s main facilitator.

“We taught them to use mortars but some went ahead and have made some moving cars,” he added.

“What we’ve done is set them off on a journey that challenges them, their schools and parents to create better learning opportunities. For the children, it is the beginning of changing how they see the world, and the solutions that they can create for the problems around them,” Benge said.

According to Mapula Bodibe, MTN Uganda’s Chief Marketing Officer, the goal of the camp was to introduce and teach the children, digital skills used in the building of robots from a more practical, fun and open environment and in the process, expose them to new ways of thinking.

“Our intention is to create and inspire a new generation of Ugandan children to be the future problem solvers, innovators and change makers,” Bodibe said.

“We hope the children will leave the program with a new love and passion for design facilitated by innovations in the digital space. We also want them to know that anyone, regardless of age, gender or background can use digital platforms in a creative and innovative ways,” she added.

“During the construction of the robot, they learn electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, computer programming, biology and soft skills like leadership, teamwork and project management. Such will help them in future, regardless of their eventual careers,” Bodibe said.

Susan Kayemba, MTN Uganda’s Senior Manager for Retention and Social Media said, “We were overwhelmingly encouraged by the feedback we received from some parents, especially those whose children did not participate this time, asking when we’ll organize the next camp so they can also send their children participate.”

Florence Muhumuza, KCCA’s Director of Educational Services, who thanked MTN for its commitment to supporting ICT education in schools attended the closing ceremony.

The children received a certificate of participation at the end of the event.


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