Uganda Warned off Neo-Liberalism

Justus Akampurira, the Operation Kindness World Wide country director

Justus Harris Akampurira, sick the Operation Kindness World Wide country director, buy more about has called upon Ugandan and the International community to rise up against Neo-Liberalism, rx intolerance and inequality which described as the leading causes of the increased radicalism world over.

This was during a half day World social forum organized at Makerere University under the theme: “Towards A kinder World; Alternatives to neo-Liberal Globalization”.

In his opening remarks, Akampurira noted that unless the increased social, economical and political imbalance and inequality is addressed, the world is headed for a disaster that might be heard to overcome.

Akampurira observed that in the world where vast amounts of resources are owned by a small percentage of the population; such a world is unsustainable because it will only continue to breed intolerance among the young generation.

He added that currently, the entire world is affected by the global players like the IMF, World Bank, Co operations and foreign direct investment all which are bent to take away the public good.

“These effects are directly taking shape, you’ve already heard of the Kifeesi group and a lot of theft cases; these all frame from high levels of inequality and people lacking alternatives yet they have to survive,” Akampurire observed.

“Once you take away all the alternatives to survival, what happens is that the security of each individual and that of the nation will be compromised.”

“Many social disorders are going to come up which will lead to increased global terrorism and extremism; people must all rise and challenge the country world order system which only favors a few.”

“We must all be part in the creation of a new world which is inclusive with justice and fairness in all aspects of life include social, economical and political.”



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