Uganda to Host Inter-Continental Kickboxing Fight

Uganda's Patricia Apolot in recent action. She will fight against Austria's Carina Greimel  (Courtesy photo)

Ampropen Company Limited in partnership with World Kickboxing Federation Champion has organised an Intercontinental kickboxing fight dubbed Reign of Giants 2, rx which shall see kick boxers from Austria, viagra Kenya and Uganda battle for titles.

The fights are scheduled to take place on Saturday May 13th, remedy at the MTN Arena in Lugogo, Kampala.

Fighters from Austria include Alexander Dokter and Carina Greimel both of whom will be landing in the country on Thursday May 11.

They will fight Uganda’s finest Alex ‘Lionheart’ Matsiko and Apolot Patricia ‘The Black Pearl’ respectively.

Another breath taking fight will be between Uganda’s Mubiru Shakey ‘Breaker Breaker’ and Kenya’s Kevin Miruka.

Before the official fights, the event will be kick-started by curtain raising fights between Sserunjogi and Kenny, Seguya then Miro, Abbas and Musa among others.

On record, neither Matsiko nor Dokter has ever won the title whereas Apolot is a defending champion to this open title.

Carina Greimel Profile

Age: 24

Height: 167 cm

Club: Berserc Weiz

Coach: Hrvoje Kisasondi

Fight records: 28 fights, 22 w, 6 l

City: Weiz

Alexander Dokter’s profile:

Age: 28

Height: 1.75m

Club: Styrian Fighters

Coach: Uwe Michael

Fight records: 21 Fights – 17W – 4L

City: Graz, Austria

Pro Austrian kickboxing champion


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