Uganda Seeks Chinese Support in Nuclear Energy Development

Ugandan Delegates engaging Chinese in Beijing

The Ugandan delegation to Beijing, dosage China is pitching for cooperation between the two countries on the development and peaceful use of Nuclear Energy in Uganda.

The delegation which is led by Prisca Boonabantu, more about the undersecretary for the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development consists of officials from the Atomic Energy Council and the Ugandan Embassy in China.

They met and held discussions with the National Nuclear Safety Administration (NNSA) China at the Nuclear and Radiation Safety Center in Beijing.

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Earlier in April, ampoule the government of Uganda agreed with the Russian Federation to cooperate in the peaceful application of atomic energy in the fields of energy, medicine, agriculture, education and research.

They also agreed to cooperate in aspects of nuclear, radiation and physical safety including the assessment of the radiological impact of nuclear energy on the environment; Human resource development; Creation and development of nuclear power infrastructure in the Uganda; and Development of programmes in order to enhance public awareness about nuclear technologies and their application through setting up relevant information centers.

This move to cooperate with China goes a long way to demonstrate Uganda’s commitment to development of nuclear energy.

Among the Ugandan delegates in China include Ms Prisca Boonabantu, the Under Secretary in the Ministry of Energy who is the team lead, Dr. Akisofeli Kisolo, the Chairman Atomic Energy Council and Ms Laura Kahuga, the 3rd Secretary of the Embassy of Uganda in China.


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