Uganda Receives $ 2.5m Grant to Boost Agriculture

Minister Matia Kasaija with KOICA Vice President Sungho Choi during the signing

Kenya President Uhuru Kenyatta has unveiled the names of new heads of parastatals, ed Chimp Corps report.

The 302 Appointments to 79 State Corporations were carried in a Special Issue of the Kenya Gazette, Vol. CXVII-No. 43 published on Monday 27 April 2015.

Dozens of leaders of government bodies were forced to step aside due to their alleged role in the Anglo-leasing scandal.

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Kenyatta’s decision to get rid of the suspected officials also came against the backdrop of a comprehensive appraisal of all State Corporations in terms of capacity, staffing and management practices.

The processes, which took nearly 18 months, are now complete

Following the Presidential Taskforce on Parastatal Reforms, the Administration assessed the strengths and weaknesses in the Structure and Operations of Parastatals, interrogated the policies on the management and governance of the parastatals with the aim of determining how best they would contribute to the pursuit of national development aspirations, facilitating the transformation of our country into a great land of prosperity and opportunity for all.

In that context, Kenyatta today announced the first batch of appointments to State Corporations in line with the government’s Transformative Agenda for Kenya.

The appointments reflect regional balance with all 47 Counties represented in honour of the diversity of all people and communities of Kenya.

Officials said the appointments also comply with the constitutional imperatives on the appointment of Women, Youth and Persons with Disabilities.

The Administration said it was committed to empowering our women, youth and persons with disabilities.

Click on the link below for full details of the new appointments
Business owners in Mbarara Municipality this afternoon accosted officials from the Uganda Revenue Authority with concerns about what they termed as frustrating services in the western district.

A URA team led by Commissioner General Mrs Doris Okol today met with the Mbarara business community at Agip Motel, pharmacy where a number of concerns were raised.

The local traders and business owners told Mrs Akol that they were being levied with excessive taxes that are not considerate of their business sizes, incomes and working environments.

Matsiko Stephen, one of the participants, described as overly exploitative, the manner in URA is draining businesses in the area.

“The costs are simply too high, for transporting merchandise, renting; it is too much for us to stay afloat,” he said.

The businessmen led by their chairman Apollo Muhumuza, also asked the tax body to ensure that its website is consistently available, since most of the tax transactions being increasingly conducted online.

“It’s good we are moving to e-tax but it also important to realize that a number of business owners, both big and small especially here in the periphery have no knowledge about computers, and cannot access the internet. It better that the shift takes good care of them as well”

In response, the Commissioner General Doris Akol told them that in addition to the online services, the tax body has dozens of branches across the country where support can be obtained.

She warned the locals against tax evasion, noting that the country is moving fast into self-sustainability which can only be made possible with citizens are properly paying their taxes.

She also noted at the event that Mbarara is among the districts in Uganda with the highest record of smuggling goods.

The meeting was attended by among others the area MPs Medard Bitekyerezo and Emma Boona.


The government of Uganda through the Minister of Finance, website Planning and Economic Development, Matia Kasaija has today signed a memorandum of understanding with Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) Vice President Sungho Choi for the establishment of Saemaul Model Village in Uganda Project.

During the signing ceremony at the Ministry Headquarters in Kampala, Kasaija revealed that the project worth $ 2.5m is in line with the Vision 2040 strategies on strengthening fundamentals for harnessing opportunity and social protection.

“The project implementation period is 2015- 2018 and will be executed by Mpigi district local government under the Ministry of Local Government. Government will also commit $ 500,000 as counterpart funds for this project,” Kasaija explained.

Kasaija noted that the project is aimed at supporting government to achieve its strategic goal of unlocking rural growth in order to increase agricultural production, increase beneficiary farmers’ income, reduce poverty and improve living conditions.

“The project will promote a community based integrated rural development model following the Saemaul Undong approach of the Republic of Korea (ROK) with a beneficiaries’ mindset of self-help, diligence and cooperation.”

Kasaija observed that it’s time Ugandans discover that it is through self-help that society can be liberated from poverty unlike just waiting for help from government time and again.

The project will be rolled out in seven villages in Mpigi district where members will chose any an agricultural project for which KOICA will fund according to the laid down project budget.

Kasaija has cautioned all accounting officers to ensure that the money meets the intended purpose and promised to rise a red flag against all the will involve in misappropriation of the funds.

KOICA will not only provide financing but also dispatch a team of experts to undertake training of the project beneficiaries about the Saemaeul Undong strategy that has seen South Korean transform into a developed country in the shortest period.


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