Uganda Moves to Boost Local Consumption in Coffee Boom

UCDA Executive Director, Henry Ngabirano addressing the media in Kampala on Wednesday

The Uganda Coffee Development Authority (UCDA) has rolled out an ambitious plan to increase local consumption of coffee, dosage Chimp Corps report.

This comes against the backdrop of increased coffee imports.

According to UCDA Executive Director, viagra buy Henry Ngabirano, Uganda has in the last five years recorded a 519 percent rise in value added coffee imports.

“This clearly shows that there is a demand for domestic coffee consumption and as such anyone interested in promoting domestic consumption is assured of a market,” said Ngabirano in a media briefing at the Uganda Media Centre on Wednesday.

“In addition to increasing production and exportation of Ugandan coffee, the public and private sectors will be promoting increase in domestic consumption,” he noted.

The number of bags of coffee consumed locally has been growing over the years.

An estimated 236,400 bags of coffee were consumed in the Financial Year 2015/16 which is up from 229,200 bags in 2014/15 (or 0.36kg per capita consumption per year).

Ngabirano said the target is to increase average per capita consumption per year to 0.5kg in the next five years.

UCDA urged private sector to promote domestic consumption of Ugandan soluble coffee, roasted beans and ground coffee by making these available at almost every shopping mall and on most supermarket shelves.

“Coffee consumption is spreading across the country. The number of cafes has also grown over the years from 46 in the financial year 2013/14 to 94 in financial year 2015/16. These cafés have created over 586 barista job opportunities for the youth,” observed Ngabirano.

He said UCDA will endeavor to provide an enabling environment for domestic consumption and called on the coffee producers to do their part to ensure they meet the demand for increased consumption.

This comes at a time when Uganda is preparing for the International Coffee Day celebrations on October 1 under the theme, “Underscoring Stakeholders’ Roles in Achieving Uganda Coffee Vision 2020”.

Under the government’s Coffee Vision 2020, the target is to increase production from 4 million to 20 million (60kg) bags by 2020.

Value addition

Ngabirano said value addition is a key element for success in the coffee industry.

In line with this a total of 1,067 post-harvest industry players were registered in the financial year 2015/16 comprising 49 exporters, 21 export grading plants, 454 processing factories, 22 washing stations, 506 buying stores and 16 roasters. In addition, two roasters were supported to develop exportable brands.

The Three key events that helped to promote domestic consumption of Ugandan coffee were: a one week coffee on the road event; UCDA barista training and graduation and the participation of the Uganda National Barista Champion Dennis Agaba in the Africa and World Championships.

Mr Agaba came 3rd in the Africa championships and 55th in the World Championships.

Ngabirano said over the last three years, a total of 487 mother gardens have been established with over 362 mother bushes.

In FY 2015/16 the number of seedlings planted increased almost seven-fold to 93 million from 12.7 million in FY 2011/12.

UCDA further supported NaCORI to construct a modern biotechnology and tissue culture laboratory at Kituza with the capacity to produce at least 1.2 million tissue culture plants per annum.

NaCORI has bred and released 7 CWD resistant lines.

However, production of enough of these planting materials to satisfy farmers’ demand and needs is currently the main challenge facing the sub-sector.

This is mainly due to the slow process of using the conventional methods of rooted cuttings, coupled with limited capacity by public and private sectors.

UCDA contracted a private company, Farm Input Care Centre (FICA) to generate 500,000 tissue culture seedlings.

So far a total of over 155,000 tissue culture seedlings are in the process of being weaned and hardened.

This year Uganda will celebrate International Coffee Day with a Uganda Coffee Cup Football Tournament at Kyambogo University this weekend on October 1st and 2nd with 15 teams playing.

The main celebrations will be held at St. Lawrence – Horizon Campus – on October 6th.

The high profile event will be graced by the Prime Minister Hon. Dr Ruhakana Rugunda who will be the Guest of Honour.


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