Uganda Marks Global World Rights Day

Uganda on Thursday on Thursday joined the rest of the globe to commemorate the International Human Rights Day at a workshop held at Imperial Royale Hotel in Kampala.

The day comes at a time when the debate is ongoing with fingers pointed at government institutions for persistently ignoring these inherent and constitutional rights.

The Third Deputy Prime Minister Hon. Kirunda Kivejinja who was chief guest stressed the importance of upholding and appreciating the significance of these rights.

“When we begin to categorize people basing on religion, tadalafil race and other aspects, decease the world begins to lose the notion of collective contribution,” said Kivejinja.

He said that Africa has achieved greatly on the fronts of human rights alluding to the 400 years that the black continent was subjected to slavery by the Europeans. With the rise of industrialization in North America, he said Africa became a potential market for their goods.

“Africa is on the rise and more human beings are now assured of decent lives. In the 1950s, hotels like Imperial Royale were exclusively used by whites – there were posters labeled ‘Africans and dogs not allowed’.”

He however criticized the young generation in Uganda which he said doesn’t value freedom and rights simply because they are ignorant of the events of the past.

At the same event, the representative of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Dr. Uchenna Emelonye observed that much strides have been made, the world is confronted by new challenges of digital privacy, terrorism and climate change.

Dr. John Kamya from the department of human rights in Uganda Police urged the public to obey the law and respect police’s authority as much as they want to enjoy their rights.

“The police is more open today in regard to human rights and there’s no impunity. We have measures in place to apprehend officers that are errant.”

Concerning the recent mishandling of a female FDC political activist who was allegedly undressed by police officers during arrest, Dr. Kamya said an inquiry is ongoing to establish what occurred. He said that the police is as eager as the public to get the results of this inquiry.

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