Uganda Markets Rolex Abroad

Junior Tourism Minister Godfrey Kiwanda tasted the rolez at Uganda Media Center today. The delicacy will be served in Malysia in December.

Hon Godfrey Ssuubi Kiwanda, information pills the state minister for tourism on Wednesday launched the Rolex festival that is due on the 21st August at the Uganda Museum.

Rolex, dosage apparently derived from “rolled eggs” is a top traditional delicacy of Ugandan origin. It all started as a road side snack comprising of eggs and  chapatti and it later evolved into a mix of vegetables, story chapatti and eggs later on more additions into rolex are only limited by the customer and chiefs imagination.

Rolex has been described as truly a humble Ugandan success story from deep down Kampala ghettos, to road sides of town centers, onto menus of top hotels and restaurants around the country.

And now it is set to represent the country at international level. According to the minister, Rolex will be served at the oncoming Miss Tourism pageant in Malaysia in December 2016.

Presently rolex recently made news as the fastest growing new African fast food on CNN.

For years, the delicacy has created numerous income generation opportunities for the households in Kampala and across the country.

“During my campaign I ate rolex because it was prepared very fast since we had many places to go to. Besides, it’s a very tasty meal and I urge everyone to try it out,” Hon Kiwanda said.

The Ministry of Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities is endorsing the rolex as a proudly Ugandan product that is also enjoyed by many tourists who visit Uganda.

On Thursday 18th August they are going to challenge the Parliament of Uganda by serving them with Rolex at a cocktail, at the parliamentary gardens in a bid to celebrate the Rolex empowerment to Ugandan communities.

“As minister of tourism, I am hereby calling upon Ugandan youth to take on the commercial opportunities the rolex presents to them and also to use their creative minds to develop the rolex business to high levels and standards internationally acceptable in the food business”  Hon Kiwanda said.


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