Uganda, Malawi to Collaborate on Cyber Security

Uganda's ICT Minister, Frank Tumwebaze (L) shakes hands with Malawian ICT Minister, Nicholas Dausi (R) after signing of the MoU

The Government of Uganda under the Ministry of ICT has Friday signed a memorandum of Understanding with the government of Malawi which among others aims at ensuring collaboration in cyber security.

During the signing ceremony, physician Uganda was represented by the Minister of ICT, drug Frank Tumwebaze while Malawi was represented the country’s ICT Minister, Nicholas Dausi in Kampala.

The Minister Tumwebaze appreciated his counterpart for having found it necessary to bench mark from Uganda which is a sign of confidence in the country’s ministry.

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“This is a confidence building measure in us which helps us to validate what we have been trying out in terms of policy and program,” Tumwebaze said.

We have taken them through our ICT infrastructure in the country, the ICT sector keeps on revolving which makes benchmarking very important.

“We have learnt from them that ICT infrastructure is still critical in terms of enabling the cost of voice and data; if telecoms can start sharing infrastructure, such that they don’t have to keep investigating more money in digging roads and putting there fibre, the cost of voice and data would be much lower,” Tumwebaza noted.

“We also shared about integration of ICT systems in government for many reasons, it would be cheaper for government, would be easier to safe guard against such installations in terms of ICT security.”

“We have also discussed innovations; it is through innovations that you advance in ICT for you to take a leap forward.”

The Ministry PS, revealed that signed memorandum highlights several areas of collaboration which include; “Electronic government, Cyber security were we create security of the data that we have online which is of paramount importance to all governments; so we want to cooperate in that area.”

“Policy and regulation, we are looking at collaborating in terms of policy implementation and we shall soon build capacity through training of the Ugandan team and that of Malawi.”


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