Uganda Launches $19M Solar Plant, the Biggest in East Africa

An aerial view of the USD 19 million solar power project in Soroti which has a 10 Megawatt capacity

The multimillion Soroti Solar Power plant considered to be the biggest solar power plant in East Africa has been commissioned. The plant with a10 Megawatts capacity consists of 32, ambulance 680 PV panels and will generate solar power for about 40, 000 households and businesses in the area.

The plant occupies 33 acres of land plot of land in Soroti District and will provide an additional 20 Megawatts in net output capacity.

The USD 19 Million project was funded by German Development Bank, Norway, UK, European Union and government of Uganda, and was developed under the Global Transfer Feed I’m Tariff (GET FiT).

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The landmark ceremony to launch the plant was attended by the Minister of State for Energy Simon D’Ujanga, the European Union Ambassador to Uganda, players in the energy sector and other development partners.

“The Access Solar Uganda 10 MW grid connected solar P.V project we are launching today is so far the largest in the East African region,” comments ERA Chief Executive Officer, Eng. Zilia Tibarwa. She attributed the project’s success to Uganda s stable and favorable regulatory framework.

European Union Ambassador to Uganda Kristian Schmidt in his remarks during the ceremony said; “Uganda is a good place to invest in solar energy. The regulatory framework is conducive and Government rightly recognizes Uganda’s energy future must be renewable.”

Reda El Chaar, Executive Chairman, Access Power noted that; “We are thrilled to have been given the opportunity to work with our European and Ugandan partners to bring to reality this flagship solar power plant.”

Jennie Barugh who represented GET FiT stressed commitment to partner with Uganda in its endeavor to achieve middle income status underscoring the role of energy in development. She said UK supported Uganda up to a tune of £110m this year.

“Private sector led renewable energy projects is critical in reducing costs to the government and increasing supply to help the people of Uganda to improve livelihoods and economic empowerment,” Baruch said.

The commissioning of the Soroti solar power plant comes at a backdrop of a threat that climate change is posing world over. It is one year since the Paris Agreement was signed in which countries worldwide including the biggest carbon emitters committed to reduce their emissions.


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