Uganda Judiciary Trains Officers on Mediation

The Judiciary has organized a five day workshop at Kabira Country Club meant to train judicial officers in mediation.

The workshop which started on Monday June 13th is being facilitated by the stauss Institute of Dispute Resolution, drugs Pepperdine University and is being attended by more than 50 judicial officers including Magistrates, Registrars and Judges.

Speaking at the opening of the workshop, Hon. Justice David Wangutusi, the head of Commercial Court said the budget allocated to the Judiciary is the lowest in the world at 0.006 per cent. He said as such, the Judiciary is looking for other methods of case disposal and Alternative Dispute Resolution is the way to go adding that in partnership with Pepperdine University, the Judiciary is looking at mediation to rid the system of cases that do not have to go through formal litigation.

Hon. Justice Dr. Bamwine in his opening remarks thanked the programme managers of the Uganda/Pepperdine memorandum of understanding for planning the mediation workshop.

He said as a result of the partnership, a number of activities have been earmarked including; attachment of 12 externs from Pepperdine University to different High Court Divisions and circuits, Plea Bargaining National Conference as well as Prison Sensitization for prisoners state attorneys and defense lawyers, warders as well as appellate mediation.

The Principal Judge said mediation is an important ingredient in dealing with the current case backlog because it is a win-win situation. He said the training was imperative in as far as ensuring reconciliation of parties is concerned.

Bamwine however noted that there is need for a joint effort to further Mediation if the mechanism is going to make widespread impact.

According to the schedule of duties for judicial officers, magistrates and registrars are required to handle a certain number of cases through mediation. He said, as such, the training is ideal as it prepares the judicial officers for that task.

He urged the officers to share their experiences on Mediation to put the theoretical knowledge into practice.


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