Uganda Hosts First Anti Microbial Conference Amid Warning Against Self Medication 

State Minister for health Hon Moriku Joyce (blue skirt) in a group photo with participants at the First Antimicrobial resistance conference

There is a worrying growing rate of drug resistance among Ugandans, doctor which means failure of some drugs to cure diseases they used to in the past

Amidst this disquieting trend, adiposity Busitema University in conjunction with World Health Organization, ambulance Ministry of Health and other partners have organized the first National Anti microbial Resistance conference in Uganda,  aimed at discussing research findings on resistance patterns in the country and developing a unified Microbial stewardship program for Uganda

While officiating the grand opening of this conference held at Wills and Wish Hotel in Mbale, the state Minister for Health in charge of Primary Healthcare Hon. Dr. Moriku Joyce warned all Ugandans against taking unprescribed drugs because it’s one of the factors that has led to increased drug resistance in the country

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“With nearly 900,000 people on therapy, resistance to the first line agents shall inevitably increase from current 5 to 10% of the estimated 4500 patients started on anti tuberculosis,” she said.

The minister added that although Uganda is still facing a number of challenges in combating the problem of Anti microbial resistance, a lot has been achieved and there is an expectation that by April 2017 the need for anti microbials in both rural and urban areas would have reduced greatly.

Professor Jossy Nakandha Okwakol the vice chancellor Busitema University who are the main sponsors of the conference described this as a very big achievement especially to their new school of health sciences.

Prof Nelson Sewankambo the president for Uganda National sciences and a lecturer at Makerere University asked the medical practitioners not to sell drugs to any person without prescription from a qualified physician.

“Most Ugandans have crammed various kinds of medicines to the extent that when they fall sick they just go and buy that drug which they may end up over dozing or under dozing.

Prof Sewankambo asked all the participants and the government to come up with a strong policy governing the prescription with tough measures on those working against it.


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