Uganda Forms First Ever Anti-counterfeit Network

The Anti Counterfeit Network has Monday been formed to help reduce the trade in fake products from within and out of the country.

Fred Muwema The Director Legal And Corporate Affairs Anti-counterfeit Network said the Network has agents from all sectors and organizations that fight counterfeit goods like UNBS, sick National Drug Authority, story Police, and URA, and Embassies.

“We hope this will make history in Uganda and all over Africa when it comes to fighting Counterfeit because it’s the first of its kind in Africa. Prior we did not have a private organization that would bring us all together but from today we are one in fighting counterfeits,” he said.

While launching the Network’s offices in Kampala, Muwema reassured that it will bear fruits for all Ugandans from all sectors and Africa at large.

“In Africa the efforts to fight fake goods were for government; that’s why it was even expensive but once we put or efforts together it will be cheaper and effective”

“Consumers have to be sensitized since they are the ones who have built the business of the counterfeit and markets for them”

He added, “The laws are there to tame people from selling counterfeit products but they are not enforced enough and as per our laws, once you are got you’re jailed for 3 to 5years according to what they get you with”

“The counterfeit Bill has been in parliament for 9years and it has never passed yet other laws are passed. That’s the sole reason why we should lobby parliament to pass the law”

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