Uganda Employers Get Training

Rose Ssenabulya the Uganda Employers Federation Executive Director

The Uganda Employers Federation on Tuesday kicked off a training programme for employers in mainly industrial relations in a bid to deal with the growing employer –employee despair and create a better work place.

According to Rosemary Ssenabulya the Federation Executive Director, capsule the training seeks to bridge the gap between employers and employees, clinic fixing questions like understanding workers compensation, pharm insurance and negotiation.

“The federation of Uganda Employers has designed and developed the only Executive Training in Employment Relations (ETER) in Uganda, proudly launched today,” Ssenabulya said.

Speaking to the Journalists at the Head offices of FUE, Ssenabulya said the training was partly necessitated by the need to deal with employees emerging from an inefficient education system which is not hands-on.

“The executive training in employement programme looks to see trainees cover modules in Labor laws, regulations in practice, conflict management and employment relations”.

This comes at a time when FUE gears up for the annual Employer of the Year Awards that seeks to identify, rank, reward, recognize and spur on providers of decent employment by recognizing the best practice in the employement industry.

Awards are due on   24th Aaugust and a survey as well as registration for the event is ongoing.

A report by Action Aid shows that youth unemployment in Uganda are about 62%, although the African Development Bank says it could be as high as 83%.



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