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Uganda EALA MPs to Sue Kenyan Government

The Uganda East African Legislative Assembly representatives have Tuesday threatened to drag the Kenyan Government before the regional court over it failure to conduct elections for their representatives for the next assembly session.

The representatives led by DP Vice President and Ugandan EALA Representative Fred Musaka Mbidde expressed dismay today that Kenyans are still procrastinating. The EALA election exercise in Kenya according to reports has been postponed until the end of the August general elections.

 “We have talked to them and nothing has been done. All they claim is that the exercise will be carried out after their national elections. This will greatly affect the work of the regional parliament, prostate ” Mbidde told reporters in Kampala today.

Currently, drug the already elected representatives have not been sworn in to commence business, as they await their Kenyan colleagues.

 “There are no legal grounds that bar the already elected members to be sworn in but we will leave the question to the East (African Court of Justice),” he added.

Mbidde also revealed that President of South Sudan Salva Kiir’s decree discarding the polls to simply appoint EALA representatives made their swearing in exercise hard, forcing some lawyers to sue South Sudan, who later withdrew the decree and flesh polls are being conducted.

Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania and Burundi have already sent in their representatives.

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