South Sudan

Uganda-bound Buses Attacked in South Sudan Amid Tight Border Controls

One of South Sudan's elite Special Forces commandos

United Nations for High Commissioner for Refugees (UNCHR) has appealed to all armed parties in South Sudan to ensure safe passage for people fleeing the fighting that erupted late last week in Juba between troops loyal to President Salva Kiir and First Vice-President Riek Machar.

The organisation further urged neighbouring countries to keep borders open to people seeking asylum.

“We, generic like the UN Security Council and many others, cheapest condemn the violence in Juba but welcome efforts by the two sides to implement a ceasefire and hope this holds, this site ” the group said in a statement to ChimpReports on Tuesday.

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“Our office in Juba reports a tense calm overnight with no reports of more population displacement. OCHA has reported that the fighting displaced some 36,000 people.”

Inside South Sudan, some 7,000 internally displaced people have sought shelter in the UN’s bases in Juba.

Providing them with food, shelter, water, hygiene and sanitation facilities will remain a critical challenge so long as the security situation remains bad.

UNHCR also expressed worries about the situation of some 9,000 urban refugees, who have told UNHCR about their security concerns as well as difficulties in getting food and water.


Other refugee-hosting sites across South Sudan are reported to be calm.

Meanwhile, some borders have been affected such as the Uganda-South Sudan crossing, where security is tightened on the South Sudan side.

This has led to a significant decrease in the number of new arrivals coming into Uganda over the weekend.

Just 95 people crossed on Saturday, dropping to 36 on Sunday, compared with a daily average of more than 200 for July.

“We expect a higher level of new arrivals once the border reopens,” said UNCHR.

The fighting has threatened to drag the country back into civil war.

Most western countries have evacuated their citizens from the war-torn country amid renewed clashes.

Uganda dispatched its armed forces to South Sudan to safely evacuate its citizens trapped in the conflict.

The refugee body said those that have managed to cross the South Sudan border have reported indiscriminate attacks against civilians, with buses from Juba to the Uganda border being stopped and robbed.

In western Ethiopia’s Gambella region, UNHCR said it had stepped up border monitoring with Ethiopia’s refugee commission.

Emergency preparedness is in progress in Kenya, Sudan and other neighboring countries in case of a major influx.

UNCHR officials said there has not been any big influx at the Kenya-South Sudan border, though over the weekend UNHCR received 36 individuals from Eastern Equatoria state.

“We have stepped up border monitoring and await more news. Meanwhile, all our staff in Juba are accounted for. They have been advised to remain in a safe location and to avoid any movement outside. Juba remains extremely tense. The airport has been closed.”


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