UCC to Suspend NBS License Over Tamale Mirundi Show

Tamale Mirundi


National Television NBS risks losing their broadcasting license over breach of minimum broadcasting requirements, pills Chimp Corps report.

Communications regulator UCC has Thursday issued a notice of suspension to the broadcaster, troche giving them a maximum of 60 days within which they should respond.

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In a letter to NBS which ChimpReports has seen, UCC refers to one of NBS’ programs, NBS Extra: One on One with Tamale Mirundi, broadcast on Tuesday May 9th which they say was in breach of section 29 and Section 31 of the Uganda Communications Act 2013.

“A review of the content of the subject broadcast by the commission reveals that the words and actions used by Tamale Mirundi during the programme were contrary to public morality and aimed at promoting a culture of violence or ethnical prejudice which is directly contrary to the minimum broadcasting requirements,” reads part of the notice of suspension.

During the Tuesday show, Mirundi ‘attacked’ the host Muyanga Lutaaya on live television following repeated questions

He was piqued by Muwanga’s questions on the new Buganda Kingdom campaign, ‘Kyapa Mu Ngalo’ which is intended to streamline land ownership and management in the kingdom.

Mirundi is strongly opposed to the campaign.

When asked why, yet his piece of land was registered under the same kingdom system, Mirundi jumped out of his chair, pointing fingers at the host to show how determined he was to challenge Buganda Kingdom in court over land issues.

UCC further adds that the conduct and language used by Mirundi was appalling, warning that the television’s broadcasting license would be suspended if they don’t revise the program.

“Be warned further that NBS must immediately desist from broadcasting any programs that are in breach of minimum requirements as enshrined in the Act,” the notice further reads.

Earlier in 2016, NBS was fined over the same and Tamale Mirundi’s shows banned from Television and Radio Stations.

They would later reinstate them following engagements between Mirundi and the regulator, UCC.

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