UCC Cracks Whip on Illegal Broadcasters

UCC officers and police officers carry away the confiscated equipment

The Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) in partnership with the National Environmental Management Authority (NEMA) and the Uganda Police Environment Protection Unit have embarked on a citywide operation confiscating illegal broadcasting and communication apparatus.

In an operation code named Bizindaalo, order the commission has seized public address systems from over 10 premises around Kampala and Wakiso Districts. The systems are being seized from among others, healing churches and mosques.

Paul Mukasa, UCC’s Manager Multimedia and content regulation who is coordinating the operation said that operators of the broadcasters do not have licenses are breaking the law.

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According to Section 26(1) of the UCC act of 2013, “a person shall not install or operate a television station, radio station or any other related broadcasting apparatus without license issued by the commission.”

Broadcasting, in the same Act is defined as the transmission of sound, video or data intended for simultaneous reception by the public.

Police officers unmount illegally broadcasting speakers during the operation

Police officers unmount illegally broadcasting speakers during the operation

The operation also comes at the back drop of warnings by NEMA about illegal broadcasters who cause noise pollution in the city. The Authority argued that noise pollution causes discomfort among people, animals and causes health issues.

“This grounds room for diseases like hearing disorders, health complications like cancer, heart failure and headaches, sleeping disorders and many more,” NEMA wrote in a statement last year.

“Also, noise has affected greatly the wildlife, specifically the animals that live in places with uncontrolled noise causing them to flee in search for a more peaceful environment,” the statement further read.


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