UBOS: Uganda’s Poverty Levels Drop


Rt. Reverend   Cranmer Mugisha, visit web the Bishop of Muhabura diocese has strongly condemned those that installed tycoon Caesar Augustus Mulenga as the king of the Bafumbira in South West Uganda, saying that this would create divisions among the Bafumbira Community.

“This cannot be tolerated and the matter has been discussed in the Diocesan synod, which took a clear stand of rejecting the kingship” Said bishop Mugisha.

Bishop Mugisha says that the Bafumbira had never had kings before, apart from paying tributes to former Kings of Rwanda.

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Pulkeria Muhindo the Kisoro RDC says that the issues of having a king in Kisoro should be handled with extra care before Caesar Augustus Mulenga is accepted a King for Bafumbira.

“The coronation of King Caesar was done secretly by a small group of people without consulting all the People,” Said Muhindo.

President Yoweri Museveni shakes hands with King Mulenga Last Week

President Yoweri Museveni shakes hands with King Mulenga Last Week

However this has been downplayed by Fidelis Kanyamunyu the so called Kingdom’s Spokesperson   saying that those opposed to the Kingship are not aware of its agenda.

He says the Mulenga’s kingship will be focused on development and supporting locals to get out of poverty and that their king has been supporting all the people of Kisoro irrespective of differences.

He says the King is currently giving out low interest loans as well as over 200 heifers to locals in a bid  to help them out of poverty.

“The issue of the Kingdom is being misinterpreted; Mulenga Development Kingdom is entirely for development and not cultural. Those willing to subscribe to the Mulenga Development Kingdom have the right to do so or stay away from development which is the agenda,” Said Kanyamunyu.

Mulenga is a Businessman who has ventured into tourism, Education, Media and Microfinance.

King Mulenga's Range Rover

King Caesar Mulenga’s Range Rover

Late last year, a group of Kisoro residents crowned him King and started referring to him as the King of the Bafumbira.

The office of the Kingdom located near Kisoro Tourist Hotel also owned by the King. Hundreds of people flock the area to meet the him daily.

When Chimpreports tried to meet Mulenga, yesterday, we were told he was held up in meetings with his subjects and visitors from outside Kisoro.

Mulenga is a wealthy man who owns a string of businesses  including  St. Augustine International University, St. Augustine international school, Yampe Newspaper , Southern Eye Newspaper, ABC Africa Newspaper , i-tel Ltd, King Ceaser Game Reserve, development groups like  YES Ducuruze, Girinka Mulenga , Female Global Millionaires, and   Profit Kisoro among others.




Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOS) has Wednesday released the Uganda National Panel Survey (UNPS) for the year 2013/14; a collective data on key outcome indicators such as poverty, cure service delivery and employment in order to monitor government’s development programmes.

UBOS Executive Director, ask Ben Paul Mungyereza told journalists at Statistics House in Kampala that the poverty levels in the country have generally reduced according to the survey, which measured poverty transition basing on the number of people that have moved out of poverty and those that have moved into poverty.

“When you compare the two in terms of absolute numbers, you see that the people who have fallen into poverty are less than the people who have gotten out of poverty which implies that the situation is improving,” Mungyereza emphasized.

“Country wide the poverty dynamics from 2009/10 through to 2013/14 indicate that, 8.9% are chronically poor, 20.3 percent moved into poverty, 36.6 percent moved out of poverty while 34.2 percent have never been poor,” Mungyereza elaborated.

UBOS Executive Director, Ben Paul Mungyereza speaking to journalists at Statistics House in Kampala

UBOS Executive Director, Ben Paul Mungyereza speaking to journalists at Statistics House in Kampala

The ED revealed that the findings on stunting and underweight in children which a major poverty indicator, shows that the Western region is still leading with stunting of 36.8 percent in 2013/14 followed by Central region with 34.3 percent, Eastern region 31.1 percent and Northern region with 27.9 percent.

“But generally throughout the country, the level of stunted growth is going down.”

He observed that the survey also indicates that 88 percent of people in the informal sector have remained in the same sector without transiting to the formal sector.

“In terms of unemployment, the survey indicates that there are a reasonable number of people moving from unemployment into becoming employed. It is however noted that in some areas, the educated are moving out of unemployment at a faster rate than the uneducated.”


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