UBC Sells Off Country’s 40-year-old Earth Satellite Station

The satelite had been constructed 40 years ago for military communication

The country’s only satellite and medium wave station in Arua district has been sold out to scrap dealers.

The 150 meter tall antenna which has existed for 40 years and was constructed for military communication was sold off by the officials of the Uganda Broadcasting Corporation.

Abbey Rafsanjan, this the UBC spokesperson confirmed the sell; “There was an expression of interest in the newspaper and it was published, cialis 40mg people were supposed to come deal and buy that scrap countrywide, actually its official we are disposing off the old machinery,” he said.

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Locals say they saw a truck loading the components from the 12 acre facility in Ombaci in Arua.

According to Sam Wadri, Arua district chairman he was not sure the scrap buyers passed by the office of the RDC.

Yoram Badang, a Technician employed at the national broadcaster, said the satellite dish at Ombaci which is 4kms from Arua town was used to relay television signals, telephone communication and radio. It was one of the biggest satellite stations in Africa back in the day

It’s reported that the army of President Idd Amin used the station to intercept the communication of the Tanzania troops in the Uganda Tanzania war of 1978-1979.

When the army were moving, they might have dismantled the earth satellite; the thieves also took that chance during the war and stole machinery from the station.


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