UBC Is Not for Sale – UCC Clarifies

Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) has dispelled as unfounded, symptoms a rumor that sprouted from Parliament corridors that the Uganda Broadcasting Corporation (UBC) has been put up for sale.

Kampala Woman MP Hon Nabilah Sempala claims she received a tip from UCC that the national broadcaster was being sold off in a disguised “lease.”

Nabilah says she was told about the impending sale by an unnamed “high ranking official” from UCC.

“All agreements and documents have been finalized to sell of UBC and its entire TV networks, drug Radio networks and communication infrastructure, pharm ” She said, comparing this to the Heritage oil- Tullow oil deal.

The UCC Executive Director Godfrey Mutabaazi however, dismissed this claim as untrue in a brief statement.

“That’s unfounded and peddling such should be treated with the contempt they deserve,” said Mutabazi.

“UBC remains a public broadcaster and Government is committed to boosting its operations.”

According to MP Nabilah, TV giants Star Times are acquiring the national broadcaster on a $19M UBC lease.

But also claims that after Star Times takes over, they will then sell off UBC, all its radios, TVs and infrastructure at USD 900Million to a Chinese buyer.

“Of course they must have spent a few million dollars to buy key (Ugandan officials) officials’ signatures on the deal,” the MP claims.

UCC’s Mutabazi in a statement however, dismissed this claims, reiterating government’s commitment to restore and revamp UBC.

“The recent Dr Peter Mwesige-led Commission of Inquiry into UBC is testimony to how serious the Government is to turn UBC around,” he said.

The committee which was appointed by Information Minister Frank Tumwebaze last year has made a number of recommendations to the minister that are hoped to rejuvenate the teetering national entity.

Over the years, UBC’s immense debt has been exacerbated by its under-funding from government.

Recently there was chaos as it emerged the Corporation was unable to pay its workers and had defaulted on remitting their pension contributions.



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