UBC Downplays Looming Workers’ Strike

Uganda Broadcasting Corporation is reported in a serious financial crisis

The Uganda Broadcasting Corporation (UBC) has dismissed as “misguiding and malicious” an internal memo leaked on social media yesterday, site calling upon workers to lay down their tools on Friday this week in protest of delayed salaries.

The strong worded memo also attacked the leadership of the national broadcaster and suggested that some of the top officers there had resigned and others were planning to, among them the managing director David Agaba.

The writers of the memo threatened to attack fellow employees who do not join in the sit down strike, and destroy their vehicles.

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“If we do not act now, these thieves are going to throw us out this time,” the workers were urged.

The National broadcaster’s MD Mr Agaba however, has come out to clarify on the said impending strike, advising the workers to ignore the call. He also dismissed as lies, reports that he too was planning to resign from his office.

“The so called impending strike cannot be mooted by a well wisher who knows where we have come from and the positive strides being made to improve our revenue generation,” he said in a statement.

“I call upon everyone to continue performing their tasks and to remain calm, talk to those who might be the cause of the negative rumour mill to give progressive initiatives a chance.”

Mr Agaba said the UBC management is aware that the workers have been paid their October and part of September salaries, but promised that this was being rectified “in the due course.”

“Much obliged for your understanding and patience, we are looking at various avenues of raising finances to make good on the outstanding balances.”

Recently, members of parliament suggested closure of UBC, after it emerged that the company had not been paying its workers benefits to the National Social Security Fund as required by law.

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