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Tycoon Samona, Kibirige Fight Over Woman

Presidential candidate Maureen Kyalya has angrily attacked her political nemeses, more about who always look to portray her in the negative light of her tribal background.

The candidate this morning suggested prison time for Ugandans who attack fellow Ugandans though their bribes.

Mrs Kyalya, approved a Musoga has more than often referred emphatically to her tribe during her short-lived campaign rallies, as underdeveloped and ignored by government.

In a recent statement, she stated that she could have mobilized the people in Busoga to boycott one of her fellow contestants Amama Mbabazi’s rallies in the eastern sub region.

Her remarks have led to some of the political analysts to conclude that she is inherently a tribalist and therefore not well cut out for the position she is running for.

In a barrage of attacks from her critics, she has also been branded an opportunist and a political speculator.

Irked by the accusations, the only female 2016 presidential candidate who took an indefinite break from the campaign trail supposedly to look for funding abroad this morning took to social media and condemned those that assault her and her tribe.

“I am especially offended by the low negative tantrums against Basoga. I guess sometimes people have to annoy you to remind you why you are in a war,” she retorted.

“People of Busoga, Eastern and Northern region, just for how long are we going to take these abuses and insults from our children of Buganda and Ankole?”

Mrs Kyalya said laws should come in place to have people who slur other tribes to be handed jail sentences for only then would the country be united.

She stated, “The punishment of abusing someone because of their tribe should be no less than 5 years in jail no matter who is abused.”

“We cannot form a unified Uganda with such useless tribalistic attacks on Ugandans.”
Wealthy Samona cosmetics boss, order Ssalongo Kasawuli has dragged tycoon Hajji Sulaiman Kibirige to police on grounds of grabbing one of his four wives, Lilian Nafuna.

Kasawuli this past weekend recorded a statement at Kampala Central Police Station, saying Kibirige was taking Nafuna to beaches in Entebbe and also sending him threatening messages.

“I have been investigating about 11 men whom I thought had connections with my wife. But my probe zeroed on Kibirige whose actions are on the verge of wreaking my marriage with Nafuna,” said Kasawuli in a statement.

The cosmetics mogul said on December 26, he sent spies to monitor Nafuna’s movements and was able to discover that she spent the better part of the day and night partying in all hotspots in Entebbe.

“Kibirige should leave my wife alone,” he added.

Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesperson Patrick Onyango said the matter is being investigated by the CIID.

Upon recording the statement, Kasawuli further requested for police protection, arguing Kibirige could one day take his life.

This compelled Police to summon Kibirige, who denied the charge.

Kibirige, who owns HSK Plaza in Katwe, Kampala, said Kasawuli was not only insecure but also arrogant.

The quest for Nafuna has left Kibirige and Kasawuli fighting

The quest for Nafuna has left Kibirige and Kasawuli fighting

He denied allegations of an affair with Nafuna, urging police to use its resources to probe the matter.

Kibirige further accused Kasawuli of threatening his life unless he (Kibirige) left Nafua alone.

“I have never been in any relationship with that woman,” said Kibirige. “This man (Kasawuli) is suffering from anaesthesia of self-importance.”

Police officers told ChimpReports they were taking pre-emptive measures to contain the situation from escalating into a crime.


Releasing the 2014 crime report, Gen Kale Kayihura said “sex-related crimes are not decreasing – with 9,589 cases reported compared to 8,076 cases in 2012.”

Sex woes

This is not the first time Kasawuli is being cited in a feud over a woman. Just a few years ago, Kasawuli fought a court battle with prominent musician Mathias Walukagga over a girl identified as Aisha Nabukeera.

Walukagga released songs attacking Samona products, saying they were only fit to polish shoes but not for human bodies.

Samona sales reportedly tumbled, prompting Kasawuli to seek an out of court settlement with the singer.

Kasawuli’s life story in an inspirational one – having started off as a hawker and then photographer before venturing into the lucrative cosmetics industry in which he has earned a fortune.

He is considered one of Uganda’s wealthiest men.


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