Tycoon Kirumira Sues Basajjabalaba

Hassan Bassajjabalaba has been sued by tycoon Godfrey Kirumira

City businessman Godfrey Kirumira through Hotel International has dragged to court fellow businessman Hassan Basajjabalaba and four other city advocates for failure to pay for Hotel fees amounting to 142 million shillings

Documents before commercial court indicate   that  between June 2014 and November Basajjabalaba hired hotel accommodation and food services for the 4 Lawyers namely Caleb Alaka , unhealthy Kenneth Kakande, Joseph Kyazze and John Mugisha claiming to be researching and concentrating on undisclosed legal tasks.

However Kirumira says since then, neither Basajjabalaba nor the 4 Lawyers who hired his hotel rooms have paid him a penny hence seeking court’s redress.

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The court registrar Thaddeus Opesene has signed summons ordering Basajjabalaba, Caleb Alaka, Kenneth Kakande, John Mugisha and Joseph Kyazze to file their defense within 15 days.



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