Tycoon Kirumira Sued in City Land Scandal

Godfrey Kirumira

City tycoon Godfrey Kirumira has been dragged to the Kampala High Court’s Land Division over a botched Shs. 100million land deal.

Kirumira is being sued together with Wilson Ddamba and the Commissioner for Land Registration by a property developing company J.S.F Development.

In this application the company is seeking a court declaration that the land on Block 244 and plot 3644 at Kisugu a Kampala suburb was fraudulently transferred by Ddamba to Kirumira’s names.

The company thus wants Kirumira evicted from the said land and the Lands Commissioner compelled to cancel Kirumira’s name from the certificate of land title, view and restore its name on the register book as the proprietor.

Basing on the documents before court in April 2012, Kirumira and Ddamba; with intention to deprive J.S.F Development of its land, is said to have forged a land transfer instrument, purporting to transfer it in Kirumira’s name.

The company contends that Ddamba fraudulently signed the transfer forms as Ddamba Wilson/J.S.F.Development and lodged it in the office of the registrar of titles, which prompted the transfer of land in the names of Kirumira on April 26, 2012, which transfer was null and void

They also contend that Ddamba had no legal authority to sell or transfer the land because he was not a dully authorized agent for the company and a registered proprietor of the suit land.

But Kirumira never received this land as an offer neither did he pay for it.

Court registrar, Esther Nambayo has summoned the trio to file their defense within 15 days or else court will proceed court to deliver judgment without their side.


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