Tycoon Garuga’s Employees Unpaid for 6 Months

More than 180 workers of Kigezi Highland Tea in Kabale district stormed the office the Kabale district Labor officer protesting nonpayment of their wages for the last six months.

The workers who include minors are from the parishes of Buhara, ed Rwene, Ntarabana, Kitanga, Nyamukyengyere, Kisasa, Kasheregyenyi and Rwanda and are attached to the company’s Buhara sub county nursery bed.

On Saturday, the workers led a procession and pitched camp at the office of Kabale District Labor officer at Makanga Hill claiming that they had not been paid and had not seen their supervisor for the last six months. Each of them is demanding between 600,000 and 750,000 shillings.

Kigezi Highland Tea belongs to James Garuga Musinguzi, a prominent businessman.

Peter Abaho the one in charge of roll-calling all the workers says that they demand up to 55, 422,000shillings since they were last paid on 18th January this year.

Abaho also accuses the Kabale Project overseer Frank Byaruhanga of promising them hot air. He adds that initially they were entitled to payment every two weeks and wonders why the company has failed to pay them for the last six months.

The Kabale District Labor Officer Sikora Tumwegyese, says her office is fed up with unsolved Kigezi Highland Tea matters. She says this was the third time this group was storming her office over nonpayment. She also faults Kigezi Highland Tea Company for employing minors despite several warnings.

The Kabale district Deputy Resident District Commissioner Denis Nzeirwe who addressed the workers said that he had been informed that Kigezi Highland Tea had not received payment from government.

He however said that he had agreed with Frank Byaruhanga, the Kigezi Highland Tea overseer that by Tuesday next week they would be paid.


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