Two Jailed for Defiling Toddlers

Kampala High Court building

High Court judge, price Justice Wilson Masalu Musene has convicted and sentenced two men to 17 and 19years imprisonment for defiling toddlers.

The convicts, viagra approved Edward Kasozi, viagra 100mg a resident of Kikaya, Bulenga, Wakiso district and Vicent Nsubuga of Kasangombe, Wakiso district were remanded for defiling toddlers of one and half years and three years respectively.

They were convicted on their own plea of guilty under the plea bargaining programme aimed at decongesting government Prisons as well reducing on the time that could have been spent in lengthy trials.

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Under the plea bargain arrangement, suspects plead guilty to capital offences in exchange of a lighter sentence upon consent with the victims.

Kasozi who was HIV positive, admitted abusing a one and a half year old baby on March 3rd, 2015, whom he found alone sleeping in his neighbor’s house, as he came to borrow a digging hoe.

Nsubuga, also lived in the same neighborhood with his 3year old victim, whom he stole from her mother’s sight, whisked her to an unfinished house and defiled her on July 1st, 2015.

While reading the sentence, Justice Masalu noted that they deserved to suffer death for their cruel, rude, barbaric and uncivilized actions of forcing themselves on children whose sexual organs are not yet fully developed.

However, due to the fact that they have not wasted court’s time, and after consultation with the victims’ mothers, plus the time they have spent on remand, it was agreed that Kasozi serves 17years and Nsubuga serves 19years.

Justice Masalu advised the convicts that on coming out of the prison after their sentence they have to look for mature women instead of harassing the innocent children.

Kasozi was also ordered to pay Shs 1million to cater for his victim’s treatment, who fortunately never contracted the deadly disease. The judge added that Kasozi’s failure to pay the amount stated would lead to 20yrs imprisonment.


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