Turn Waste Into Income Opportunities – NEMA Boss

Such plastic waste material can be recycled for re-use

National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) on Thursday hosted a two day conference to discuss on waste management issues affecting the East African region that’s Uganda, information pills Kenya, case Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi. The conference attracted participants from all the regions who to share ideas and experiences.

Speaking at the conference which took place at Protea Hotel in Kampala, the Minister of State for Environment Mary Goretti Kitutu expressed concern over non-commitment by East Africa to address waste management as heaps of garbage continue to flood cities which according to her is a recipe for a Cholera outbreak.

The conference was aimed at finding solutions to turn waste products into business opportunities which will in turn reduce garbage and the threat of diseases outbreaks. The Minister made reference to metallic scrap which many people have been turned into a source of income as opposed to the waste that it used to be.

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According to Tom Okurut, the NEMA boss there is still a big misconception within the public who perceive waste in a negative way yet it can be a good resource.

“Most people mistake waste to be bad and yet it is a resource for creation of wealth. We should all know that waste is wealth as materials are recycled for further production in the economy,” he said.

The discussion also tackled the need to find better ways of delivering innovative waste management solutions through science and technology. Experts from Kenya and Uganda showcased some of the technology innovations being used. Among them was Tororo Cement who showcased the modern road sweeper, an effective way of cleaning and recycling the waste products.





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