Turkish President Erdoğan Receives Uganda’s Envoy amid Rosy Economic Ties

Ugandan Ambassador Presents His Credentials to President Erdoğan

Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on Tuesday welcomed Uganda’s Ambassador to his country – Stephen Mubiru – in a joyful ceremony at the Presidential Complex, the Turkish President’s website shows.

Mubiru presented his credentials to Erdoğan.

Uganda and Turkey maintain strong economic, military and social relations.

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According to the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs website, Uganda hosts around 150 Turkish citizens.

There are about 20 Turkish companies in such sectors as dry food import, ready-made clothing, textile, electronic cable marketing, restaurant management and construction with a total investment of 150 million USD, the website indicates.

The bilateral trade volume between the two countries in 2015 reached nearly USD29 million.

A numbers of Ugandan university students have also benefited from Turkish scholarships

In 2010, President Yoweri Museveni paid an official visit to Turkey, where he hashed out powerful economic details with then President, Abdullah Gül.

In 2016, President Erdoğan came to Uganda, and Museveni interested him in Uganda’s economic sector, especially in the mining industry and energy production.

He also called on the Turkish leader to support Ugandan scientists and maintain trade between the two countries for mutual development.

“Our struggle is to have more entrepreneurs to transform the potential into opportunities. We have got scientists who have patent without money. The Government supports them but we have got several commitments,” he said.

The president has previously allocated 18 square miles of land in Kaweweta, Nakaseke district to a Turkish investor (ASB Group of Companies) with the aim of developing infrastructure including roads, water systems, ICT structures among others to promote the investment.

ASB Group of Companies is one of the largest Turkish based companies dealing in the energy sector and other related activities.

It has extensive international experience in managing and operating agribusiness, transportation, trading, investment, oil, gas and engineering services around the world.


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