Tumwebaze Urges Unity, Creativity in Innovations

ICT Minister Hon. Frank Tumwebaze

Minister of Information and ICT Hon. Frank Tumwebaze has urged all technology players and innovators in the country to form a forum to streamline  communication with government and share knowledge for the country’s growth.

While speaking at the Innovators’ Forum held at Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) headquarters on Tuesday, prescription Tumwebaze emphasized the need to find a common ground between the Ministry and innovators so as to easily work out solutions to the existing problems.

The government of Uganda pledged to support innovators in the country as long as they have things that can multiply opportunities to the entire public and can ensure accountability.

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“Innovation starts from something small, medical something obvious and it becomes something big like for example Rolex, drug ” he said.

With recent global trends, one can no longer underestimate the potential of technology and innovations in shaping socio-economic development.

Similarly, government has often times reiterated its commitment to support the industry since it is an enabler for service delivery as well as good governance.

“ICT can solve problems and also sensitize the communities how to go about those problems. Uganda’s future lies in technology. For vision 2020 to be achieved, it will be led by innovators,” Minister Tumwebaze noted.

Equally, innovators have been advised to protect their innovations using the existing patent laws against plagiarism as well as to register their property using copyright laws.

Tumwebaze called for creativity to avoid duplication of products.

Several innovators urged government funding to boost their innovations.

UCC Executive Director, Eng Godfrey Mutabazi pledged to continue supporting innovators through rewarding, facilitating and recognising talented developers.


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