Tumwebaze Seeks UBC Partnership with Chinese’ CCTV

Information and ICT Minister Frank Tumwebaze is rooting for a partnership between Uganda Broadcasting Corporation (UBC) and China government-owned CCTV television network.

This was during Tumwebaze trip to China last week where he attended the World Internet Conference in Wuhzen Province.

After the conference, more about Tumwebaze and his delegation visited the CCTV headquarters in Beijing.

“I discussed with the management of CCTV (China’s national broadcaster) possible areas of mutual cooperation and partnership with UBC, ” said Tumwebaze.

“We agreed in principle that our two state national broadcasters should cooperate and learn from each other. For UBC, this is a major step in our efforts to rebuild and revamp it,” said Tumwebaze.

The Minister recently appointed a committee to overhaul the decaying national television.

Indebtedness, loss of property and demoralised staff have crippled the once powerful source of news for millions of people.

The content and its production also remain a big eyesore for the Ugandan audience.

Tumwebaze revealed that CCTV will accord UBC staff an “opportunity to learn new modern skills in broadcasting, content production and management and use of new modern digital equipment.”

He said an official MOU will “follow through our countries’ formal diplomatic channels.”

Meanwhile, during the World Internet Conference, members discussed how to ensure safety and sustainability of the cyberspace.

“The future of the Internet, its equitable access and the end of its monopoly by the big powers dominated the discussions,” said Tumwebaze.

Famous personalities like ALI BABA spoke at the conference that was attended by world ICT leaders and Presidents of ICT multinational firms.


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