Tumwebaze Raps Govt Agencies, Ministries on Information Dissemination


The Minister for ICT and National Guidance Hon. Frank Tumwebaze has blasted government agencies and ministries for not laboring to disseminate information to the public about government programs.

Speaking during the handover ceremony of the outgoing ICT Ministry Permanent Secretary in Kampala on Thursday afternoon, viagra 40mg Tumwebaze said that ministries have not put in effort to ensure they through the media pass out information about government programs to the public stressing that this partly accounts to lack of awareness on such programs.

“The media writes that Karuma dam has developed cracks, the Ministry of Energy keeps quiet. Come out and explain what exactly the issue is. Give them your side of the story. They can’t miss it,” Tumwebaze said.

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He noted that there is no longer room for media houses to blackmail ministries, government agencies and any other entities stressing that social media has helped a lot to check on media houses.

“We are also editors now and if a media house misquotes me, I will complain to the bigger platform where there are many editors. There is no way we can compete with the media, give them as much information as possible.”

“We dont have to fight with the media on anything. Lets fight through provision of information.”

He said that government has not opened up to its citizens which he partly blamed to the ministries and other departments stressing that they are always reactive rather than proactive.

“The ministers should not call to complain to the Permanent Secretaries that such and such a media house has written a bad story against their ministry. They should provide information to the media,” said Tumwebaze.

He added; “If you dont provide much information to the media, they will write whatever they believe is right.”

According to the Information minister, there is no other body with information about government bodies other than the ministries themselves which he said is their mandate to ensure that the public gets to know about these government programs.

He noted that as part of the efforts to ensure opening up, government is soon setting up a citizen interaction centre where the public will call in and also engage government agencies online and inform government of key issues.

Tumwebaze urged the incoming Ministry of ICT Permanent Secretary,  Vincent Bagiire to work tooth and nail to ensure the cost of internet reduces so as to make it affordable to many Ugandans.


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