Tumwebaze: Opposition Seeking Political Capital from Kasese Rebellion

IICT Minister, Frank Tumwebaze. (Photo by: Kenneth Kazibwe/ChimpReports)

The Minister of Information, viagra sale Technology and Communication, Frank Tumwebaze has lashed at opposition parties and leaders who are aiming at taking advantage of the instability in Rwenzori region to push their political agendas.

He said that most of the opposition leaders condemning security forces for their actions have not actually assessed what was happening on ground, to inform their discussions.

“I get irritated when people want to handle situations where militias attack security personnel, diplomatically,” he said.

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“Some opposition leaders are willing to take advantage of this rebellion, we have seen some already and we shall not allow them,” he added.

Tumwebaze made the remarks on Tuesday morning while appearing on local television show, NBS Morning Breeze.

He noted that the attackers in Rwenzururu are not far from the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) rebels who after being flushed out of Uganda, pitched camp in neighbouring Congo.

“Security forces have so far established that some of the supplies are from Congo. These hooligans are not far from the ADF,” he said.

The minister also observed that the attacks started some time back, with the militia targeting mostly, supporters of the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM).

Commenting on the issue of Security officials forcing their way into the king’s palace and the shooting inside the palace, Tumwebaze said that dialogue which was earlier employed had failed to work.

“It’s reckless to assume that security personnel had no duty to defend themselves and the country,” he said adding; “You can blame this government for anything else but on the question of dialogue, patience and tolerance, you cannot find what to criticize.”

On the issue of Rwenzururu worriers who appeared undressed in some video footages and pictures, Tumwebaze denied reports that they were undressed by security officials saying that they had undressed themselves.

“We have seen them undress, smear herbs and flour, all in preparation for war.”

Asked about whether the raid on the palace was related to the 1966 raid on the Kabaka’s palace by then President Obote’s forces, Tumwebaze said the two were totally different.

“Comparing Kasese clashes to 1966 Buganda crisis is idle talk from our desk politicians. Were there armed militias attacking security in the Kabaka’s palace then?” he wondered.

Tumwebaze noted that the government has no standing issues with the Obusinga of Rwenzururu adding that the fate of the Kingdom at the moment will be determined by their leaders.

“If the government had any issues with the kingdom, its reestablishment wouldn’t have been allowed in the first place. Their fate is now going to be determined by their leaders.”


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