Tumwebaze Hits Back at Mbabazi Letter: “He Must Be Exhausted”

Presidency Minister, Frank Tumwebaze

The state prosecution has produced another witness to testify against 27 year old American citizen, ailment Ryan Gustafason and his Ugandan counterpart, stomach Christopher Kojo accused of possessing fake currency notes.

Prosecution alleges that on 11th December, pill 2014,while at his residence in Mbalwa and at Speke Hotel in Kampala, Gustafason, an engineer by profession conspired with a Ugandan native, Christopher Kojo to sell fake US dollars worth $10,000 (27 million) to one Cedrick Namakoola.

While testifying before Buganda road chief magistrate Lilian Bucyana,  LC1 Chairperson of Mbalwa village in Namugongo John Kadogo told court that he together with the person in charge of defense in the area accompanied Police officers as they searched the accused’s residence in Mbalwa.

“I was approached by a group of men in civilian attire but identified themselves as police officers, we went to a fenced house where we found a black man and a white man outside with some equipment gathered outside,” revealed Kadogo.

Kadogo added that while accompanying the policemen, they searched the house and discovered a number of items which included papers, bullets and 3.5M Uganda shillings.

LC1 chairperson John Kadongo at Court.

LC1 chairperson John Kadongo at Court.

“We discovered machines in the house together with some dollars and other foreign currencies which I had never seen. These were later taken a way together with the suspects to the place I don’t recall very well,”  Kadogo added.

Some of the exhbits that was recovered in the home of the accused

Some of the exhibits that was recovered in the home of the accused

Despite the fact that the state prosecution had prepared two witnesses to testify in this case, it has not been possible after Gustafason was brought in court, represented by a new lawyer who asked for an
adjournment to enable him study the case file.

The magistrate granted the sought adjournment to 2nd July,2015 for further hearing.

Hon Frank Tumwebaze, viagra the Minister for Presidency has shot back at former Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi, who in a daunting letter to President Museveni, accused the current regime of lacking the capacity to carry  the country forward.

In the letter, which State House received on June 15, Mbabazi accused the leaders in the NRM government of being fortune-seekers and not genuine workmen.

“A number of those in leadership reject various facets of the 21st century modernity that have become essential to efficiency and advancement in other parts of the world,” he said.

When contacted, Minister Tumwebaze lashed out at Mbabazi for contradicting himself a great deal on many issues.

“For him to lambast other leaders in NRM and call them fortune seeking cadres is unfortunate on his part,” said Tumwebaze.

“So does he want to say that all the time he worked as the party’s chief mobilizer (party Secretary General) responsible among others for mentoring and recurring cadres; he only mentored fortune seekers?”

“If that is what he means, then it means he was the pioneer of that fortune seeking ideology.  And in any case which cadres did he mentor?” added Tumwebaze.

In the three page letter, which came on the heels of his announcement to stand for President, Mr Mbabazi said the current government was clinging onto the old and tired system, and not realizing that it is no longer capable of staying the post liberation course.

Tumwebaze shot back, “He talks of a tired system and efficiency in government. So what makes the system “tired” and himself who was at the vanguard of steering that system in various roles, “fresh and new?”

“If the system is tired, then he must be exhausted himself. So, is his legacy all about mentoring fortune seeking cadres and creating a tired system?”

He added, “Has he only realized all those alleged defects in the system after his involuntary exist? Am happy he is launching his bid with such shaky arguments. It gives the NRM members an opportunity to discern him with ease. I wish him well”

President Museveni had earlier on Monday accused Mr Mbabazi of being at the center of the same ineffective government that he is now lambasting.


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