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Tumukunde’s Son Hopes to Take Western MP Seat

Amanya Tumukunde

The Nigerian Consumer Protection Council (CPC) has given tough orders to South African pay-tv giant, ed http://couragelion.org/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/modules/publicize/ui.php Multichoice, http://copiproperties.com/wp-content/plugins/contact-form-7/includes/rest-api.php which include suspension of service when consumers are away; release of free-to-air channels, even when subscription expires;  and compensation across board to consumers for lost viewing time – instructions which could be emulated by Ugandan authorities to protect customers.

This followed an extensive investigation into allegations of violations of consumer rights by MultiChoice Nigeria Limited in the provision of its Digital Satellite Broadcast Television (DStv) service.

Consequently, the Council has issued far-reaching orders which include introduction of local toll free lines; and reasonable equitable spread of popular sports channels, among others.

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In Uganda, customers make a blunt monthly pay thus losing money when not watching television.

Ugandan DSTV customers foot telephone bills when seeking guidance or complaining about poor service.

A customer has to pay a staggering Shs 330,000 (almost $100) for a full package of popular Sports channels.

Observers say the Nigerian action is more needed in Ugandan than elsewhere.

The Nigerian authorities directed multinational pay-media company to present written assurances in line with Section 10 of the Council’s enabling law that it will not engage in any conduct which is detrimental to the interest of consumers.

In the same vein, MultiChoice shall for 18 months from the date of the orders, subject its processes to the Council’s inspection to ensure compliance with the directives contained in the orders.


During the course of the investigation, the Council observed that the company’s billing system, whereby “billing is not contemporaneous with the provision of service” was not in the best interest of consumers and therefore ordered MultiChoice to install a billing system that ensures billing starts with the provision of service.

The pay-television company was also ordered to within 90 days provide across board compensation to its subscribers, considering the fact that many of them have over time lost legitimate and paid viewing time by its conduct of not restoring service contemporaneously after payment as well as other instances of disruptions.

Similarly, the company was also directed by CPC to within 180 days adopt a “technology that supports suspension of service when subscribers are otherwise unable to enjoy their service on account of being away for a limited period of time”, provided such a request for suspension of service is done for a period of between 7 to 14 days and not more than twice in a year with a 72-hour notice to MultiChoice.

On non-availability of popular channels in certain bouquets, the Council ordered the firm to within 90 days ensure “a reasonably equitable spread of popular sports and other channels hitherto concentrated in its premium bouquet over all available bouquets”.

MultiChoice was ordered to keep local and free-to-air channels open so that subscribers would have the opportunity of watching these channels, even when their subscriptions have expired.

In order to aid easy and fast access to the company by subscribers who wish to make complaints or enquiries, CPC directed MultiChoice not only to maintain local toll-free telephone access lines for its call centres, but should also ensure the call centres operate for longer hours during public holidays and weekends.

MultiChoice was also directed to formulate within 90 days a written compensation policy which should “outline amongst other things, the procedure for compensating subscribers for injury they suffer on account of MultiChoice conduct and take into consideration not just viewing time lost, but inconveniences suffered by subscribers”.

The agency also directed MultiChoice to “develop a Customer Care Manual which shall contain mechanisms to address customer complaints in an accurate, friendly, timely, efficient, courteous and honest manner”.

It was also directed to ensure that the list of all its accredited dealers and installers and their details be freely given to its customers at the point of subscription and also made available on its website and other information channels.

In addition, the pay-media company is not only to ensure these accredited dealers and installers carry certified means of identification issued by it, subscribers must also be periodically educated on the means of identification, while it should also reasonably and adequately compensate subscribers where they experience loss of signal on account of faulty, poor or unprofessional installation by agents of MultiChoice.


On the pay-television firm’s agreements with its subscribers, the Council disclosed that several provisions of the Service Level Agreement and the Terms and Conditions of Subscription signed on by subscribers were found to be grossly unfair, unjust and one-sided, directing that such provisions should be expunged, re-drafted and submitted to the Council.

All the orders, which have already been served on MultiChoice, are effective, not later than 90 days from their receipt.

Commenting, the Council’s Director General, Mrs. Dupe Atoki, expressed optimism that compliance with these reforms would bring about a new dawn for Nigerian consumers, who would henceforth enjoy value for money in their engagement with the company.

Mrs. Atoki reiterated the Council’s commitment towards sanitising the nation’s market-place for the benefit of consumers, assuring that no stone would be left un-turned to ensure it is no longer business as usual and shoddy service delivery becomes a thing of the past in the country.
The Forum for Democratic Change party have raised the red flag over their presidential candidate in last week’s elections, try http://compraresenzaricettaonline.com/wp-includes/admin-bar.php who they claim police is holding in an undisclosed location with malicious intentions.

Dr Besigye was allegedly arrested this morning as has been the case through the week, adiposity http://cheaplikesfollowers.com/wp-admin/includes/plugin-install.php but according to the opposition party’s chief mobilizer Mrs Ingrid Turinawe, http://contemporarydancevideos.com/wp-includes/wp-diff.php he is not being held at the usual Naggalama Police station.

Besigye is being curtailed by police from accessing the city center, where they believe he intends to cause unrest, following his loss in the just ended elections.

Turinawe revealed in a statement this afternoon that a number of police stations had been reached by the party officials with no trace of Dr Besigye.

“The regime’s determination to kill Dr. Besigye grows every day,” companied Turinawe in a short statement.  “The humiliation and torture inflicted on to him is reaching a level that will tempt some of us to respond in defense of our leader.”

Turinawe says Besigye was arrested again on Thursday morning and driven away by police to a place they were yet to locate.

“All efforts to have his lawyers and family members access him have failed. All police stations in Kampala and nearby have been visited in trace of him but he is not in any of them,” she said.

“His maids at home have camped at Naggalama police station with hope to give him meals but he is not there.”

Police when reached on this matter, reassured that wherever Besigye is being held cannot be in harm’s way.

The police spokesperson Fred Enanga who was not aware about Besigye’s arrest and whereabouts said police would have no intention of harming him.

“Have you ever heard of police kidnapping someone?” he queried before referring us to Andrew Felix Kaweesi who he said was heading the operation; who was still unreachable.

The Inspector General of Police Gen Kale Kayihura in a statement he issued last night said police would not be freeing Col Beisgye any time soon since he had not retracted his statements of defiance and incitement to violence.

“Police shall continue to regulate and closely monitor his movements so that he does not pose danger to public peace and national security,” said the IGP.

“Moreover, we have information that his planned procession is not just a procession, but rather beginning of a planned and generalized campaign of violence in the City and select municipalities across the country.  Clearly, this is supported by the public utterances of Rtd Col Dr. Kiiza Besigye.”
The battle for the youth Member of Parliament that is going to be decided on Monday has peaked with Amanya Tumukunde who is standing to represent Western Uganda capturing the support of influential youth leaders in the region.

We have learnt that Amanya, website like this http://danielpyne.com/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/json-endpoints/class.wpcom-json-api-get-comment-endpoint.php who is the son of NRM’s Lt Gen Henry Tumukunde, help http://cienciaaldia.com/wp-admin/includes/class-ftp.php despite standing on Independent ticket has brought into his camp a number of the ruling party leaders including those from Kiruhura district where the party Chairman, President Yoweri Museveni hails from.

The 26 year old Amanya spent the weekend and a better part of this week in all the three sub-regions of Tooro, Ankole and Kigezi.

He was moving hand in hand with notably Dickson Nampumuza, the Rukungiri district NRM Youth Chairman, Moses Kamisi Nkesega, the Kiruhura district youth chairman among others.

Amanya is tussling for the position with the NRM’s Mwine Mpanga. When contacted on phone on Thursday morning, Amanya said he is not only hopeful but also sure of winning, owing to a number of commitments he has made before and during the campaigns.

“My hope of joining Parliament has graduated to a sure win. I am waiting for the declarations,” Amanya said.

He also boasted of winning the hearts of NRM youths. “Almost all the youth leaders who matter and think about the development of our country through the empowerment of young people are behind me now even those from NRM. That is not magic but the result of hard sacrifice.”

Early this month when the distribution of mixed exotic breed cows to youths in Rukungiri district stirred storms, Amanya reportedly took a center stage in resolving the crisis.

Names of old people including pensioners had entered the list, pushing out those that were eligible.

When contacted, Mr. Nampumuza (Rukungiri NRM Youth Chair) confirmed being in the camp of Amanya.

“I am firmly behind Amanya Tumukunde with all my followers and come Monday just take a keen look on the results from Rukungiri as far as youth MP election is concerned.” He said


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