Try Local Herbs: Government Advises Elephantiasis Patients in Ibanda

Mauda amiye-who-is-suffering-with-the-deasese-at-her-home

Residents in Nyamarebe Sub-county, this Ishongororo town council in Ibanda District District are worried about the increasing cases of elephantiasis disease that is attacking the young and old in the area.

The locals believe the problem is being compounded by the luck of clean water facilities and sources.

The Parasitic infection which causes extreme swelling of legs and sometimes arms is caused by the filarial worm, web which is transmitted from human to human via the female mosquito when it takes a blood meal. The parasite grows into an adult worm that lives in the lymphatic system of humans.

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Some of the patients that spoke to Chimpreports revealed that they got the infection from drinking water from the local dams, which they share with animals.

They said the infection usually starts with chest pain, before the swelling of the limbs.

The locals say they have sought help from government but without response from the district leadership.

Speaking to Chimpreports in his office, the DHO Ibanda district Dr Julius Bamwine revealed that they are aware of the disease, but since it has no cure, they can only support them in other ways possible.

He also urged them to try local herbs if they can.

Elephantiasis is usually treated with drugs such as diethylcarbamazine or DEC, which kills the microfilariae and also some adult worms.


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